'Huge UFO' Spotted Near Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico, Blogger Claims

© AP Photo / Marco UgarteСтруя дыма над вулканом Попокатепетль в Мексике
Струя дыма над вулканом Попокатепетль в Мексике - Sputnik International, 1920, 31.03.2022
Waring argued that there are no aircraft in the world as big as the object seen in the video, and that “the size alone” suggests that it was an “alien ship leaving Earth.”
Having previously speculated that there might be an alien base hidden beneath the Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico, blogger and UFO hunter extraordinaire Scott C. Waring has recently doubled down on these claims as he pointed at a new video that shows a strange shape in the sky in that area.
The footage, which was apparently recorded in the early hours of 29 March by a live cam pointed at the volcano, shows an indistinct shape of some kind that slowly moves across the night sky, with Waring using epithets like “huge” and “like a single winged craft” while describing this sight.
“The object was about 500 meters across, about the size of the mouth of the volcano,” he speculated. “There is no such aircraft in the world of that size. The size alone tells us that it is 100 percent a (sic!) alien ship leaving Earth.”
The blogger also boasted that he “watched this volcano for over ten years and was the first person to report UFOs from the live cam.”
“Now...there are dozens of reports weekly from many others,” he added. “It's very helpful and nice to see that UFO researchers worldwide are beginning to take live cams more seriously as a scientific tool.”
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