Gillian Anderson Says She Wanted Bill Clinton to Call Back After 'Slightly Intimate Little Thing'

Bill Clinton - Sputnik International, 1920, 14.04.2022
American actress Gillian Anderson is portraying Eleanor Roosevelt in a new series called "The First Lady" that sheds light on the lives of three of the most famous presidential wives in America. Aside from Roosevelt, the show revolves around the figures of Michelle Obama and Betty Ford.
During an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", Gillian Anderson shared a spicy story from her past, when she actually met Bill Clinton and was even hoping that things would go further.
It was 30 years ago when Anderson met then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton during a luncheon back in 1992 when the president-to-be was in the middle of his campaign.
And he left Anderson starstruck.

"He did the most miraculous thing in the world, he shakes your hand, then he grabs your elbow and at the same time he holds your arm further up", the actress told Kimmel. "[It was a] slightly intimate little thing. [He] makes eye contact. And he moves on to the next person. Then he looks back at you".

She went on to admit that this was what politicians do to everyone, but she still wanted to get a call back.

"I went home, I thought – this was in the days of answering machines – I literally thought that I was going to go home to a message from him", Anderson said. "I did. It was that real".

Still, even despite not receiving a call, the actress gave her vote to the future president.
Anderson is getting her own unique glimpse at the life of a first lady now that she is portraying Eleanor Roosevelt in Showtime's upcoming series "The First Lady" which is to focus on the lives of three popular first ladies of America: Roosevelt, Michelle Obama, and Betty Ford. The last two are portrayed by Viola Davis and Michelle Pfeiffer, respectively.
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