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Russia's Special Operation in Ukraine
On February 24, 2022 Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine, aiming to liberate the Donbass region where the people's republics of Donetsk and Lugansk had been living under regular attacks from Kiev's forces.
Donetsk People's Republic tanks outside Debaltsevo. February 2015. - Sputnik International

LIVE UPDATES: Ukraine's Intel Fabricated Data on 'Violations' of Minsk Accords by Donbass Republics

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In February, Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine after the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lugansk appealed for help in defending themselves against shelling by Ukrainian forces. Russia said that the aim of its special operation is to demilitarize and "de-Nazify" Ukraine.
Russian forces and Donbass militias continue their advance in the special operation in Ukraine as the remaining Azov neo-Nazis remain under siege at the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol.
Russia launched a military operation on 24 February, aiming to put a halt to the eight-year conflict in Donbass, which has claimed at least 13,000 lives. President Vladimir Putin called Kiev's campaign in the region a genocide and stressed that Moscow's goals are complete "de-Nazification" and demilitarisation of Ukraine.
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02:46 GMT 26.04.2022
Ukraine Keeps 76 Ships From 18 Countries Blocked in Seven Ports - Russian Defense Ministry
"A total of 76 foreign ships from 18 states remain blocked in seven Ukrainian ports (Kherson, Nikolayev, Chernomorsk, Ochakov, Odessa, Yuzhny and Mariupol)," Col. Gen. Mizintsev said at a briefing.

The threat of shelling and the high mine danger created by official Kiev in its internal waters and territorial sea do not allow ships to safely go to the open sea, he said.
00:06 GMT 26.04.2022
Ukraine's Foreign Intelligence Service Fabricated Data on 'Violations' of Minsk Agreements by DPR, LPR - Documents
KHERSON(Sputnik) - Ukrainian Foreign Intelligence Service officers prepared reports for the leadership in Kiev, including those sent to the OSCE mission, about "violations" of the Minsk agreements by the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics (DPR and LPR) with reference to non-existent YouTube videos, according to secret documents seen by Sputnik, which have been handed over to Russian security services by Ukrainian security sources.

"The fabricated documents were then used to discredit the Donbas republics in the eyes of the West, to substantiate Ukrainian reports for the OSCE monitoring mission," a Russian security officer said.

21:48 GMT 25.04.2022
UK Announces Export Ban on Products, Technology That 'Russia Could Use' in Ukraine - Government
20:36 GMT 25.04.2022
Weapons Supplied to Kiev by West May Fall Into Hands of Terrorists - Lavrov
"Javelin is a portable weapon that was invented for tanks, but it can actually be used for terrorist attacks. Previous experience shows that from Ukraine, as from any poorly controlled country, where neo-Nazi battalions and other units that are not subordinate to the supreme commander-in-chief occupy an autonomous untouchable place in the Ukrainian armed forces, these weapons will be distributed, including to the countries from which they originate," Lavrov said on the air of the Bolshaya Igra ("Big Game") show on Channel One.
20:30 GMT 25.04.2022
Situation on Ground, Outlines of Peaceful Settlement With Kiev Clearly Linked - Lavrov
20:16 GMT 25.04.2022
NATO, US Showed No Desire to Take Russia's Legitimate Interests Into Account - Lavrov
19:59 GMT 25.04.2022
UK Announces Export Ban on Products, Technology That 'Russia Could Use' in Ukraine - Government
19:57 GMT 25.04.2022
BREAKING: Western Arms Deliveries to Ukraine Add Fuel to Fire, Aim to Prolong Conflict - Lavrov
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov - Sputnik International, 1920, 25.04.2022
Lavrov: NATO Expansion Means Development of Territories Under US Command
19:05 GMT 25.04.2022
Sweden, Finland to Apply for NATO Membership Together in May - Reports
Swedish newspaper Expressen on Monday confirmed the information of the Finnish media that Sweden and Finland are preparing to jointly apply to NATO on May 16-20.

On Monday, the Finnish Iltalehti newspaper reported that the applications of Finland and Sweden to NATO should be published in the week starting May 16. A state visit of the Finnish President Sauli Niinisto to Sweden at the invitation of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden is scheduled for the same week, May 17 to 18.

"The information is correct and now there should be an agreement between Sweden and Finland that any applications must be submitted in that particular week [week 20], which also coincides with Finland's state visit to Sweden. Finnish President Sauli Niinisto arrives in Stockholm on May 17-18," Expressen reported, citing sources.

Last week, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Russia has warned Sweden and Finland about the consequences of joining NATO.
18:53 GMT 25.04.2022
US Cancels Meeting of Elbe Ceremony, Did Not Participate in Moscow, Russian Official Says
US officials did not take part in the traditional annual events to honor the historical meeting of the Soviet and US troops at the Elbe River in Germany in 1945 and cancelled the ceremony in Washington, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea and Crimean Permanent Representative to the Russian President, Georgiy Muradov, said.

"Unfortunately, representatives of the US embassy in Moscow did not take part in our events in Moscow. The ceremony at the Arlington National Cemetery in Washington was simply forbidden by the US side," Muradov said during the online event in honor of the 77th anniversary of the historical meeting between the US and Soviet troops.

In completing the defeat of Nazi Germany, Soviet and US troops met at the Elbe River on April 25, 1945, a date considered to be the highest point in relations among the Allies fighting the Axis coalition.

Muradov regrets that some US authorities have decided to ignore the historical memory of that event, noting that the West is now flirting with Nazism just as it did just before World War II.

"It seems that the consequences and results of such flirting have not taught anything the politicians in the United States and Europe," he said.

Edward Lozansky, a member of the organizing committee of the "Spirit of the Elbe" commemorative event, recalled that he told Sputnik in April of 2020 that US and Russian Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin issued a joint declaration saying the event is an example of how the two countries can put aside differences, build trust and cooperate in pursuit of a greater cause.

"These words are even more important today when the world is on the brink of World War III. Therefore, on the eve of the 77th anniversary of Elbe Day, why not recall this statement and make an attempt to avoid this disaster by giving a chance to diplomacy instead of adding fuel to the fire?" Lozansky said.

Joseph Wolff, son of US participant Joseph Polowsky, recalled that the Spirit of the Elbe event marked the end of the Third Reich and the destruction of Adolf Hitler’s evil empire.

"At this moment, the Russian Federation has an ongoing special operation underway in Ukraine. Whatever the rationale for that decision, I strongly believe that the contributions of everyone in a defeat of Hitler evil empire need to be acknowledged and credited," Wolff said.

On Sunday, Russian Ambassador in Washington Anatoly Antonov announced that the US authorities had canceled the annual ceremony held at the Spirit of the Elbe war memorial at the Arlington National Cemetery. Russian diplomats, their colleagues from the Commonwealth of Independent States, World War II veterans and US officials participated in the ceremony in previous years.
18:33 GMT 25.04.2022
Rheinmetall Reportedly Requests Berlin's Approval to Send Tanks to Ukraine
German defence giant Rheinmetall asked the government last week to allow the export of 88 Leopard 1A5 battle tanks to Ukraine, media said on Monday.

The tanks are worth a combined 115 million euros ($123 million), according to documents seen by Die Welt newspaper. Rheinmetall is ready to deliver 22 Leopards to Ukraine within eight weeks and the remaining 66 by the end of 2023.

Germany could bump the price tag on heavy weapons up to 2 billion euros if Chancellor Olaf Scholz allowed the export of 150 million euro worth of Rheinmetall’s Marder infantry fighting vehicles and PzH 2000 howitzers of the Krauss-Maffei Wegmann defense company.
17:55 GMT 25.04.2022
Poland Hands Over Tanks to Ukraine, Polish PM Says
Poland handed over tanks to Ukraine, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Monday.

"Yes," Morawiecki told the the Polsat broadcaster when asked whether Poland had transferred tanks to Ukraine.

He did not provide any details.

"I will not talk about it today. We will talk about it in due time. For security reasons — first of all, our Ukrainian neighbors, friends — we will not talk about it," the prime minister explained.
17:52 GMT 25.04.2022
German Rail Company to Transport Grain Out of Ukraine - Official
The German rail company Deutsche Bahn (DB) plans to transport 20 million tonnes of grain from conflict-torn Ukraine, Michael Theurer, the parliamentary state secretary in the German transport ministry, said.

"As the official in charge of rail transport, I am working to ensure the transport of 20 million tonnes of grain to avert global hunger," Theurer told the Handelsblatt.

A DB spokesperson confirmed to the daily that "there are plans concerning this issue." DB Cargo, the rail company's freight service, plans to ship 52 containers of wheat and other crops per train out of western Ukraine with the help from Poland, Slovakia, Romania and the Czech Republic.

The trains will take cargo to the Adriatic and the North Sea, from where it will be shipped to Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Cargo trains will also be used to send tractors, harvesters and spare parts to Ukraine in time for the harvest season.
17:51 GMT 25.04.2022
Village in Russia’s Belgorod Region Shelled by Ukrainian Forces, No Casualties, Governor Says
The village of Nekhoteyevka in Russia's border region of Belgorod has been shelled from the territory of neighbouring Ukraine, Belgorod Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said on Monday.

"There was shelling of Nekhoteyevka from the Ukrainian side. Some residential buildings and personal vehicles were damaged. There were no casualties among civilians," Gladkov said on Telegram.

Nekhoteyevka is located less than two kilometers from the Ukrainian border.
16:52 GMT 25.04.2022
WATCH Residents in DPR Speak About Living in the Frontline
16:42 GMT 25.04.2022
UN Chief Believes Chance Exists to Improve Situation in Ukraine, His Spokesperson Says
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres believes that there is a chance to improve the situation in Ukraine, United Nations spokesperson Farhan Haq said.

"He believes there is a chance to get a better situation and he is willing to take that," Haq told reporters when asked to comment Guterres' visits to Russia and Ukraine this week.
16:38 GMT 25.04.2022
UN Chief to Discuss Situation in Mariupol During Talks in Moscow & Kiev, His Spokesperson Says
16:37 GMT 25.04.2022
Woman in Mariupol Recalls Terrifying Experience During Shelling by Ukrainian Neo-Nazis - Video
16:21 GMT 25.04.2022
Kremlin Confirms Putin and Erdogan Will Have Phone Talks on 26 April
16:13 GMT 25.04.2022
Erdogan Says He Will Hold Phone Talks With Putin on Tuesday
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