'Rogue Moon' With 'Alien Propulsion', 'Wormhole' Found by Blogger on Google Sky

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Space - Sputnik International, 1920, 26.04.2022
The shapes discovered by the blogger, he claims, serve as "undeniable proof that aliens, intelligent or not, do exist out in space".
Having reported a number of UFO sightings in various corners of the world in recent months, blogger and UFO hunter extraordinaire Scott C. Waring recently set his sights on space, where he claims several suspected alien objects may be lurking.
Four objects were discovered by Waring via Google Sky, and the blogger says he is yet to hear a "reasonable explanation" for their nature.
"These objects do exist in space, they are there, but are they alien and are they signs of intelligent life? I would have to say absolutely yes!" he promptly declared.
One of the shapes that caught Waring’s eye appears to be some sort of cube, which the blogger suggests "confirms many sightings of the dark cube on NASA/SOHO sun images over the last ten years".
Another, a "rogue moon", was deemed by Waring to be a "space station" fitted with an "alien propulsion system".

"As for the other anomalies, wormhole and green sphere, it seems all undeniable proof that aliens, intelligent or not, do exist out in space", he added.

However, at least one social media user who commented on Waring’s latest revelations on YouTube argued that the images in question seem to be doctored.
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