'Non-Optional Nazis in Need Fee?' Netizens Mock Restaurant Bill That Includes '$1 for Ukraine'

© Flickr / frankieleon10 dollar bill
10 dollar bill - Sputnik International, 1920, 07.05.2022
It looks like going out for a brunch in the US may become a little bit more expensive, and it's not just because of inflation or supply chain disruptions, but due to an ongoing conflict taking place across the pond.
A short clip shared on Twitter shows a receipt allegedly issued at the Meddlesome Moth restaurant in Dallas, Texas, that apparently charges unwitting customers $1... "for Ukraine", among others.
The person recording the video seems perplexed as he says "I don't remember this", pointing at the line, and saying that the charge was added without his prior knowledge.
He also notes that no one asked for a dollar for Haiti, probably implying a lack of help to the island nation, which has been devastated by a plethora of natural disasters over the past few years.
Many Twitter users couldn't help but lambaste the joint for adding the charge, mocking it as a "non-optional Nazis in Need fee" or "the Azov tax", a reference to Ukraine's notorious neo-Nazi regiment. Some also pointed to the fact that donations could be made of one's own volition but it's another thing if a person is being charged without consent.
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