Florida High School Seniors Hang Dead Shark From School’s Ceiling For Senior Prank

© Marilyn ParkerDead Shark Hung For Senior Prank
Dead Shark Hung For Senior Prank - Sputnik International, 1920, 09.05.2022
During the final months of the school year, high school seniors are busy taking final exams, getting ready for the summer, preparing to head off to college, and pranking their school. But according to police on Thursday, a senior prank at Ponte Vedra High School went too far.
A dead, gutted shark was found hanging from the ceiling over the stairwell of the Ponte Vedra High School’s entrance. The school, located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, has a shark as its mascot.
The shark’s carcass was discovered and then promptly removed at around 8 a.m. Sophomore Cooper Gottfried reportedly said that it “smelled really bad.”
© Marilyn ParkerDead Shark Hung For Senior Prank #2
Dead Shark Hung For Senior Prank #2 - Sputnik International, 1920, 09.05.2022
Dead Shark Hung For Senior Prank #2
While the prank captured the attention of the community and national media, there could be major consequences for the perpetrators of the “senior prank.” The students involved in the incident could face suspension or expulsion. Criminal charges being filed are also a possibility.
The 140 lbs sandbar shark was hung well above the ground. The species of shark is commonly found along the U.S. Atlantic coast and is currently endangered.
St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office as well as the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) are investigating the prank with the FWC leading the investigation. The school has handed over surveillance video of the alleged pranksters to help in their investigation.
Investigators are now probing five students who they suspect were involved in the macabre prank.
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On Friday an animal advocacy group named One Protest launched an online petition seeking criminal charges against the students.
“This case is particularly egregious. We are dealing with high school seniors who have a blatant disregard for life and find killing, mutilating, and displaying the body of an animal as ‘funny’ or a ‘prank’ this kind of mentality and behavior deserves to be punished,” writes the advocacy group.
“We must uphold the laws put in place to protect wildlife and hold those who break the law accountable for their actions. Sharks are keystone species that keep our oceans healthy and balanced. Without them, our underwater ecosystems would collapse. They deserve our respect. Please prosecute those responsible to the fullest extent of the law,” the group furiously added.
The online petition thus far has 3,265 signatures with a goal of 5,000.
“I surf in Guana Park by Ponte Vedra. And there are bull sharks in the area they could have, you know, it is legal to catch a bull shark and take it. So it could have been caught legally, or they could have purchased it from fishermen off the dock,” said executive director of One Protest Adam Suglaski.
“Regardless of what species of shark it is, it’s still, like, it’s kind of upsetting to see that animal just being, you know, used as a prank,” he added.
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