UFOs Flying in 'Military Formation' Spotted in Space, Says Blogger

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UFO - Sputnik International, 1920, 09.05.2022
The blogger argued that the objects seen in a video are UFOs and that they look like they "were about to go to war with another alien species out there that threatens them".
Prolific blogger Scott C. Waring, who has made a number of bold claims in the past about suspected extraterrestrial craft sightings, recently alleged that a whole "fleet" of UFOs has been spotted near the International Space Station.
A video shared by Waring online, which was apparently recorded by a "NASA space station live cam", shows what looks like a group of dots – although the blogger describes them as "disks" that move across the field of view while maintaining formation.
"Look at how evenly spaced they are and how they seem to be flying in military formation", he wrote in his blog. "As if they themselves were about to go to war with another alien species out there that threatens them. It looks like this species has our backs".
He also described the sighting as "100 percent proof that aliens are in Earths orbit and moving in huge groups".
And while at least one social media user who commented on Waring’s video on YouTube suggested that it could have been Starlink satellites, the blogger argued that such satellites are "spread evenly around the globe" and are not operating "in clusters or clumps".
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