Report: There's an Inflatable Penis Shortage in the UK, And Brits Blame China For it

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Deflated balloon - Sputnik International, 1920, 14.05.2022
How on Earth could strict coronavirus lockdowns in China and stocks of inflatable members in the United Kingdom possibly be connected? There is a way.
The United Kingdom is running short of inflatable penises that are used for hen parties - a supply chain crisis aftermath that seems to be of a certain urgency as the season of pre-wedding parties approaches.

“We are in peak period for the party season but we can’t get enough penis products to meet demand," Matt Mavir, head of the Last Night of Freedom event company, lamented to Daily Star. “The on-and-off lockdowns that China keeps imposing are the biggest factor."

According to him, the shipping prices of the phallic products in question have skyrocketed five-fold, and even then, they are "incredibly slow to arrive".
Will Johnson, the company's finance director, said he has never dealt with inflatable penis shortage like this during the 20 years he has spent in the industry.

“China’s key advantage is it is cheap but there’s no point being cheap if you can’t get the stock," he said, explaining that his firm has already had to switch to importing from Amsterdam instead of China, even though the Dutch charged higher prices.

The situation appears to be so desperate that the mere arrival of penis products feels like a holiday, especially when they are delivered after months of waiting.
“A shipping container full of penis products finally arrived from China this week and it was like getting FA Cup final tickets," Johnson admitted, recalling how his company placed the order back in October.
Recently, China has faced yet another wave of coronavirus cases, with Shanghai going on strict lockdown that has inevitably impacted the economy and businesses not only in the Asian country but also on the island of Great Britain.
While it seems that one could not possibly overestimate the importance of having an inflatable penis at your hen party, the Chinese lockdowns have also affected the readiness of European investors to pour money into China's companies, according to the New York Times citing the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China.
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