You Here on Your Own? Scientists Identify Traits That Are Certain to Ruin Your Flirting

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All you need is love, but sometimes many people find it really difficult to get it. While the recipe for successful flirting always varies, the constituents of failed amorous endeavours tend to be similar every time.
There are certain deal breakers in flirting that will almost always ruin your attempts to land a partner, a new study has found. Bad hygiene, a "slimy" approach and a failure to show exclusive interest are among the main no-no’s when it comes to flirting.
The research was conducted by Greek scientists and published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences. Study authors Menelaos Apostolou and Chrysovalanto Eleftheriou asked 212 Greek-speaking men and women to identify the most off-putting traits and behaviour that would “rule out the possibility of giving in to his/her flirting.”
Along with bad hygiene and "slimy" jokes, people also listed narcissism, bad dress sense and no sense of humour. Other deal breakers were vulgarity, poor looks, excessive intimacy, a lack of intelligence, low self-esteem, stinginess, and having different views.
Notably, men reported that they would more often get turned off by elements related to poor appearance, while women focused on personality traits and behaviour.
“It follows that people can become more effective flirting initiators if they work on their approach, avoid making for instance slimy and sexist comments, touching and being too intimate, and avoid also flirting with more than one individual at a time,” the authors concluded in their study.
Now that you know what not to do, go out there, be yourself and follow your heart!
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