Students of Montana High School Asked Why Heterosexuals Are ‘So Sexually Aggressive’ - Report

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Gender and sexual education have become a flashpoint in US public schools. Now a Montana high school has given its students a controversial questionnaire on sexual orientation.
Parents of students from Sentinel High School in Missoula, Montana complained to the principal’s office after they learned that freshmen received a questionnaire on sexual orientation during in-class discussions, NBC reported on Sunday.
The survey included several questions about heterosexual relations, which included:
“Do you think straights flaunt their sexuality? If so, why?”
“40 percent of married couples get divorced. Why is it so difficult for straights to stay in long-term relationships?”
“Considering the consequences of overpopulation, could the human race survive if everyone were heterosexual?”
“99 percent of reported rapists are heterosexual. Why are straights so sexually aggressive?”
“The majority of child molesters are heterosexuals. Do you consider it safe to expose children to heterosexual teachers, scout leaders, and coaches?”
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According to one parent, the handout was given to the students after the class, “with no explanation or context.” Another parent said her child, "felt uncomfortable with the questions and questioned if they are a bad person because they are straight."
Some community members noted that the topics were inappropriate for high school freshmen.

"Who assumes the dominant role and who assumes the passive role in a straight relationship. The fact that is being talked about to 14 and 15-year-olds just absolutely blows my mind," Katie Kutz, a resident of Missoula county, said as cited by WZTV.

In a statement, the school said that the survey was not part of the curriculum and was used only for discussion during the class. The school also noted that the students were not required to provide answers to these questions. The questionnaire was, “intended as a demonstration exercise to show how certain questions can be seen as offensive.”
School leadership also stated it would take measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.
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