US Lawmaker to Hold First Congress Hearing on UFO Sightings in Nearly 60 Years

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UFO  - Sputnik International, 1920, 15.05.2022
The last thorough investigation into the matter had been carried out between 1952 and 1969, with public Congressional hearings being held in 1966 to review the preliminary results. The investigation, dubbed Project Blue Book, found no evidence that the UFOs were extra-terrestrial and concluded that there was no threat to national security.
House Democrat Andre Carson plans to hold an unusual congressional hearing on 17 May at the subcommittee on counter-terrorism, counterintelligence and counter-proliferation – it will be dedicated to UFOs for the first time in nearly 60 years.
"Someone has to do it. There are ways that we can raise questions that UFO-logists have raised for many years, and just average everyday citizens have raised for decades now. We want to see the footage and have it explained to us", he said.
Carson invited two top defence officials to try to explain over a hundred UFO sightings that the Pentagon confirmed last year, admitting that some of the servicemen, often pilots, witnessed objects moving with speeds beyond known technologies' capabilities and seemingly defying the laws of physics at times.

"Some experts say 2% to 7% of these sightings are not based on weather balloons or computer malfunctions, or aircraft that are top secret - we can’t explain it away. So, hopefully we can dig much deeper and find out what’s going on", he added.

Open and Closed Part

Despite declaring the goal of the hearing as explaining to the American people what the government knows about UFOs, the top military brass might not be able to tell all secrets in the open. As a result, there will also be a closed part of the hearing, which will not be broadcast to the public, Carson warned.
The lawmaker expressed hope that the public part of the hearing won't consist entirely of the Pentagon officials denying knowing anything about the UFOs, which they officially call "UAP" short for "unidentified aerial phenomena". Still, Carson admitted that not everything that the military might have to say should be available to everyone's ears.

"Because our enemies will be listening very closely to hear what the military has to say. And we don’t want to give them an advantage over us," he noted.

Carson admitted that he himself nurtures hope that extra-terrestrial life exists, possibly even within the boundaries of our solar system. However, he suggested it is for NASA and others to find and confirm.
The announcement of the unusual congressional hearing comes in the wake of the Pentagon admitting that its servicemen, mostly pilots, had spotted as many as 140 confirmed UAPs. The Department of Defence did not have an explanation forthem at the moment (or simply decided not to share one).
The last time Congress took part in an UFO probe was in 1966, when it held a hearing on the preliminary results of the project Blue Book. The project, which lasted between 1952 and 1969, investigated thousands of reported UFO sightings and concluded that there was no national security threat coming from them, that there were no evidence of extra-terrestrial origin of those phenomena and that most of them can be explained by the technologies existing at that time.
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