Fetus Growing Inside 40-Day-Old Baby in Rare Medical Condition Stuns Parents, Doctors

A human embryo - Sputnik International, 1920, 30.05.2022
Doctors conducted several tests and found that the infant suffered from ‘fetus-in-fetu', a rare medical condition that has been defined as the presence of the fetus of one of two twins inside the body of the other.
A 40-day-old newborn was successfully treated after the doctors in India's Bihar state found a fetus growing inside it.
The incident reportedly came to light after the child's parents noticed the bloated stomach of the baby due to which the baby was not able to urinate properly.
Dr. Tabrez Aziz of Rahmania Medical Centre in Bihar prescribed a computed tomography (CT) scan of the baby's stomach, the result of which left everyone shocked as it showed fetus developed inside the infant's stomach.
A team of doctors conducted several tests, after which they noticed the presence of a fetus in the stomach of the child.
Referring to it as ‘fetus-in-fetu', a rare medical condition, the doctors told Indian news agency ANI that such cases happen only in one out of 500,000 (half a million) patients.
Dr. Aziz said that the child is now fine after surgery and has been discharged from the hospital.
Experts share that 'fetus-in-fetu' requires a high degree of suspicion and meticulous surgical techniques for a successful operation.
A similar incident was reported five years ago in Hong Kong, where the newborn had the fetus of her own sibling inside her at the time of her birth.
In 2019, a woman in Israel gave birth to a baby girl who had the embryo of her twin in her abdomen.
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