'UFO Fleet' Over Michigan is '100 Percent Proof of Alien Life', Blogger Claims

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UFO - Sputnik International, 1920, 03.06.2022
The person who spotted the objects and filmed them said they were “flying at various altitudes, hovering at times”, and that they were “moving approximately 2 - 3 miles in 5 seconds”.
A group of strange flying objects has recently been caught on camera in the sky above Michigan, with blogger Scott C. Waring branding it a UFO sighting.
The “reflective” objects in question were apparently spotted over Lansing, with the person who filmed them saying that they “appeared in a tight cluster” and were “moving approximately 2 - 3 miles in 5 seconds.”
“When I first witnessed the objects gaining altitude, I reach for my phone and accessed my camera, within the time frame, they had moved from the tree line to where the video begins,” the eyewitness’ account in Waring’s blog says. “These were flying at various altitudes, hovering at times.”
Commenting on the video, Waring himself remarked that the objects, which he branded a “UFO fleet”, seem to “fade in and out of viability, sometimes looking metallic, sometimes looking white (reflecting the clouds color).”
“Awesome raw footage and 100% proof of alien life,” he declared.
At least one social media user, however, inquired whether these objects could’ve been “metallic balloons released from the ground.”
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