Bill Clinton Comes Clean About Checking for Alien Presence at Area 51

CC BY 2.0 / Jacob Bøtter / Area 51An Area 51 warning sign
An Area 51 warning sign - Sputnik International, 1920, 18.06.2022
The former president also mentioned how highly astronomers working at Hawaii rate the likelihood of life existing somewhere in outer space.
America's 42nd president, William Jefferson Clinton, has recently revealed that he made efforts to delve into the nature of a certain conspiracy theory about aliens being kept at a US military base.
During his appearance on the CBS’ "Late Late Night Show with James Corden", Clinton mentioned that during his presidency, he and his Chief of Staff John Podesta "made every attempt to find out everything about Roswell [the town in New Mexico where UFOs were said to have been seen in 1947]", and that they "sent people to Area 51 to make sure there were no aliens" there.

"I said 'We've got to find out how we’re going to deal with this because that’s where we do a lot of our invisibility research in terms of technology, like how we fly airplanes that aren’t picked up by radar and all that.' So that’s why they’re so secretive," he said. "But there are no aliens that I know."

He also recalled how, back in 2018, he and his wife Hillary travelled to Hawaii, "to the big island where all the telescopes are on top of the mountain, including the Keck telescope, the largest in the world", and spoke with the astronomers working there.
Unidentified drones captured in infrared view by a US Navy Arleigh Burke-class destroyer in 2019. Screenshot of video releasd to The Drive. - Sputnik International, 1920, 18.06.2022
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As Clinton recalled, when he asked the scientists whether they "argue about the likelihood of life in outer space", one of them told him that "there are those of us who think it’s 85 percent likely and those of us who think it’s 95 percent likely".

"He said ‘We think, in other words, it’s very unlikely that there is not life. There are a billion - not a billion planets - but a billion solar systems," the ex-POTUS said. "There are lots of mysteries out there which is why I think we should take care of this planet."

“But I also think it should keep us humble," Clinton added. "There’s a lot of stuff we don’t know.”
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