Pirates of the Middle East: Syria Reports Theft of 35 Tankers’ Worth of Oil by US Forces – Video

© Photo : YouTube / SyrianarabnewsagencyTanker purportedly involved in the smuggling of Syrian oil out of the country.
Tanker purportedly involved in the smuggling of Syrian oil out of the country. - Sputnik International, 1920, 23.07.2022
Damascus has accused Washington and its allies of behaving “just like pirates” via the illegal smuggling of crude out of the country’s oil-rich northeastern regions. While President Trump freely admitted that the “only” purpose of US troops in Syria was to “keep the oil,” the Biden administration has shied away from such honest language.
US forces and their local allies have smuggled another 35 tankers loaded with Syrian crude from the oil-rich Jazira region in the country’s northeast, with the supplies slipping across the Iraqi border via a border crossing outside of Damascus’s control, the Syrian Arab News Agency has reported.
“A convoy of 35 tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil left through the illegitimate al-Mahmoudiya crossing, which was set up by US occupation forces in order to loot the Syrian oil more than two years ago,” a local source told the news agency.
In a related development, sources told SANA that 23 covered trucks and tankers carrying military equipment and logistical materials also crossed into Iraq, this time via the al-Waleed crossing, another border checkpoint outside Syria’s control.
The smuggling operation came less than 24 hours after US forces and their allies reportedly shipped another 14 tankers through the al-Mahmoudiya crossing.
SANA provided footage of the suspected smuggling effort, with the video showing several tanker trucks making their way through a rural area with pump jacks seen operating in the background.
On Thursday, the agency reported on a 156-vehicle convoy of 40 refrigerator trucks, two dozen+ armored vehicles and over 50 tankers carrying military equipment, containers, cannons, Hummers and mysterious “huge devices” from the Kharab al-Jir Airport in Syria’s Hasakah province toward Iraq.
A whopping 90 percent of Syria’s oil resources and a substantial portion of its richest agricultural lands are concentrated east of the Euphrates River, with these areas under the control of the majority-Kurdish ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’, a political and paramilitary organization which enjoys support from Washington. According to US state-funded news, the US maintains a contingent of about 900 troops in northeastern Syria, including Green Beret special forces, with their formal role being to assist the SDF and prevent the resurgence of Daesh (ISIS)* fighters.
U.S. military convoy drives near the town of Qamishli, north Syria, Saturday, Oct. 26. 2019 - Sputnik International, 1920, 22.07.2022
US Reportedly Sneaks 150+ Vehicle Convoy Out of Illegal Syria Base
In reality, Syrian officials have said, these forces’ mission was to occupy the country’s oil and gas fields, and preventing Damascus from reestablishing its control over the territories. Last year, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Bassam Tomeh estimated that the US occupation of eastern Syria had resulted in a whopping $92 billion in damages to the country’s oil sector, and accused “the Americans and their allies” of “targeting the Syrian oil wealth…just like pirates.”
Before the onset of the foreign-backed conflict in 2012, Syria enjoyed self-sufficiency in both energy and foodstuffs. Today, due to the US occupation and plunder of its resources, and crushing Western sanctions against the Arab Republic, the nation is forced to rely on food and fuel assistance from Russia, Iran, and other countries, as well as the United Nations.
* A terrorist group outlawed in Russia and many other countries.
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