Kosovo police special unit members secure the area near the village of Cabra, north western Kosovo, file photo. - Sputnik International

LIVE UPDATES: UN Monitors Situation in Kosovo ‘Very Closely’

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Authorities in the breakaway territory announced this week that documents issued by the Serbian state would no longer be valid for crossing into Kosovo starting August 1, and that their holders would be issued special 'entry-exit documents' instead. The Kosovo crisis has been raging for over two decades, with NATO intervening in 1999.
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18:44 GMT 01.08.2022
Jarinje Border Crossing Returns to Normal, Sputnik Correspondent Reports
17:56 GMT 01.08.2022
US is Trying to Harass Serbia in Kosovo, Frmr Yugoslavia FM Says
Vladislav Jovanović, a former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Yugoslavia and head of the Yugoslav Mission to the UN, comments to Sputnik on the Kosovo escalation.
“The United States is trying to harass Serbia with petty provocations to test the waters and find out to what extent Belgrade is ready to protect the Serbs in Kosovo. Their goal, with the help of constant threats and pressure, is to gradually break Serbia down and force it to agree to participate in the implementation of American goals in the Balkans. If this is not achieved as easily as they imagined, it may become a problem for the Americans and make them think about changing tactics and approach to us in order to speed up the process.
[Kosovo's Prime Minister Albin] Kurti, like any other representative of Pristina, does not make decisions on his own, he does not do anything without first obtaining permission from America. This is a well-known fact. America is the key to everything in this story.
The US is knocking us out of our comfort zone: faced with the urgent need to protect the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, we are in a more vulnerable position.
And they can take advantage of it both inside and out. It will be a policy of wearing Serbia down, not only with Kurti's help and his periodic provocations in Kosovo, but also with the reduction of investments, if we do not fulfill their demands in relation to Russia and China.
‘Beware, Serbs: if you go too far in defending your sovereignty and your rights, you may run into undesirable difficulties,’ Washington tells us.
[But] Serbia is not alone today, and the United States does not like it. They need to solve the problem of the Balkans as soon as possible, and for this, I believe, they will have to reconsider their policy towards Serbia and Kosovo.”
17:50 GMT 01.08.2022
People rest next to the graffiti reading Kosovo is Serbia, Crimea is Russia, in Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia.  - Sputnik International, 1920, 01.08.2022
Analyst: Kosovo Crisis Postponed for a Month, Washington Behind Provocation
17:37 GMT 01.08.2022
UN Monitors Situation in Kosovo ‘Very Closely’
The United Nations is monitoring the situation Kosovo "very closely," United Nations spokesperson Stephane Dujarric said on Monday.
"We continue to follow development in Kosovo very closely," Dujarric said during a press briefing.
14:26 GMT 01.08.2022
Situation at Jarinje Border Crossing
13:14 GMT 01.08.2022
NATO Kosovo Force Says It's Closely Monitoring Situation Amid Border Crisis
12:59 GMT 01.08.2022
EU Monitoring Events in Kosovo 'With Concern', Urges Against Hampering Freedom of Movement
The European Union is troubled by the unfolding events in Kosovo and keeps tabs on the situation, urging both Pristina and Belgrade to refrain from any actions that would violate the freedom of movement of citizens, EU Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Peter Stano said on Monday.

The EU and the member states are following the events and developments, especially in North Kosovo, very closely and with concern, but it is important to say on behalf of the EU that everyone involved in this needs to remain calm and any uncoordinated and unilateral actions which jeopardize the stability and security on the ground, which impede the freedom of movement of all citizens there, need to stop immediately," Stano told a briefing.

12:33 GMT 01.08.2022
Kosovo's Declaration of Independence Violated International Law, Spanish PM Sanchez Says

"A unilateral declaration of independence violates international law. We cannot be in favor of that recognition," Sanchez said. “It does not mean that we do not support a dialogue with Pristina for rapprochement with the EU. This is Spain's position," he added.

12:16 GMT 01.08.2022
Large Queue of Drivers Await for Re-Opening of Jarinje Border Crossing
11:34 GMT 01.08.2022
Washington is to Blame for Kosovo Crisis, Russian Parliamentary Speaker Says
11:25 GMT 01.08.2022
Ex-US Special Envoy to Serbia Grennel Lambasts Ukrainian MP as 'Insane' for Saying Kiev Should 'Defend' Kosovo From Belgrade
10:43 GMT 01.08.2022
Greece Urges Serbia, Kosovo to Exercise Restraint Amid Tensions Over IDs
Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias urged Serbia and Kosovo to exercise restraint and play by the rules on Monday after Pristina announced plans to introduce new ID rules for the ethnic Serbian minority, prompting Serbs to block roads in northern municipalities.

"Prudence and adherence to international law are… required. The adequate framework within Belgrade and Pristina to be able to discuss and resolve their differences is also required. Our country, as an honest interlocutor in the Balkans, will do its utmost to facilitate this process," Dendias told reporters during a visit to Vietnam.

10:17 GMT 01.08.2022
Jarinje Border Crossing Expected to Be Re-Opened Soon, Correspondent Says
The Sputnik Сorrespondent reports that the Jarinje crossing is still not open for pedestrians or vehicles, but that passage is expected to be allowed again at any moment.
10:17 GMT 01.08.2022
West Distorts Kosovo Situation and EU Can't Mediate the Crisis, Russian Envoy to Serbia Says
09:16 GMT 01.08.2022
Kremlin: Serbs' Rights Must Be Guaranteed in Resolution of Conflict in Kosovo
Serbian military and armored vehicles near the road between the village of Raska and the Yarine checkpoint on the administrative line between central Serbia and northern Kosovo - Sputnik International, 1920, 01.08.2022
Kremlin: Serbs' Rights Must Be Guaranteed in Resolution of Conflict in Kosovo
08:42 GMT 01.08.2022
Self-Proclaimed Kosovo Says People Should Enter Via Northern Macedonia Due to Blocking of Two Border Crossings

"The Kosovo police temporarily closed the Yarine and Brnjak checkpoints due to the blockade the roads. We notify all compatriots and citizens on the way to use other checkpoints for movement, until new official information is published. If you have already left for (central) Serbia, then we ask you to enter through North Macedonia - Presevo checkpoint", the foreign ministry wrote on social media.

08:31 GMT 01.08.2022
Barricades Are Still Blocking Roads in Northern Kosovo and Metohija as Crisis Put on Hold, Official Says
Head of Zubin Potok municipality Srđan Vulović told Sputnik that the situation in the region remains calm, but the barricades blocking the roads in the area are still there and it is unclear when they will be pulled down.

“This is a political decision. The people blocked the roads on their own initiative." "There is fear. All three roads [from the municipality] are blocked, we cannot get out either towards central Serbia or Kosovska Mitrovica, so now we are in a kind of a ghetto". When asked about how the Kosovar police behaved towards the Serbs, he responded: “Very badly. They just can't hide their hatred. There were fights, car tires were punctured, and shots were fired".

08:28 GMT 01.08.2022
Situation at Administrative Crossings Between Serbia and Kosmet Remains Peaceful
07:09 GMT 01.08.2022
Serbia Made Exceptional Efforts to Influence Pristina to Delay Controversial Restrictive Measures - Authorities

"Pristina's action was prepared for a long time. With a decisive diplomatic struggle by [Serbian President Aleksandar] Vucic and all of us, we turned heaven and earth to reach those who can influence [Pristina]. When you are on the verge, when you are thinking about whether there will be victims, what Vucic has experienced in the last 24 hours, how much he has done to keep the peace," Petar Petkovic, the head of the Serbian Office for Kosovo, said.

02:44 GMT 01.08.2022
Turkey Ready to Assist in Restoring Stability in Kosovo, Foreign Minister Says
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says his country is ready to help reduce tensions between Belgrade and Pristina.
"Spoke with my Serbian and Kosovar counterparts regarding the recent tension. Peace and stability in the Balkans have always been a priority for Turkiye. New tensions will not help anyone. Turkiye is ready to do whatever is necessary to reduce the tension," Cavusoglu said on social media late on Sunday night.
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