Inside Look at 'Eyes Wide Shut'-Style Sex Parties for Wealthiest, Attended by Top Celebrities

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Rumors and reports about extremely exclusive sex parties for stars and the wealthy in the style of Stanley Kubrick's cult film "Eyes Wide Shut" are nothing new, but only a few know about what really happens behind closed doors. From LA to Moscow, these parties are sold out, and a performer has revealed what it looks like from the inside.
For up to $50,000 a year, masked attendees of the elite international sex club SNCTM get the right to rub shoulders (and, perhaps, not just shoulders) with some A-list celebrities, enjoying cocktails and sexual performances in a dimly-lit space in mansions hidden from prying eyes, behind a high fence and professional security.
According to a fresh report by the Sun, the club's members pay hefty sums to attend orgies in opulent surroundings, which start out as a rather bizarre but quite ordinary social event for the wealthiest and most powerful.
The outlet interviewed female performer Haley Grace, whose job is to create atmosphere, excite and entertain numerous guests, and she reportedly shared her experiences working for the affluent society while putting on a mesmerizing performance with her fellow performers on this typical evening at work.
The high-end erotic arts club, which opened in 2013, has become a mainstay of the sexiest and dirtiest nightlife in cities from Los Angeles and New York to Paris and Moscow by allowing visitors to fulfill their most extreme sexual fantasies.
Since September of last year, Grace has reportedly worked at the club's exclusive parties, which are frequently hosted in mansions or opulent penthouses. She is said to be a performer, model, costume designer, and producer. Her specialties include everything from environmental character performances to roller-dancing, burlesque, and fire performances.
In the interview, the performer compared her SNCTM shows to the 1999 movie "Eyes Wide Shut" starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, calling them "expressive, elegant, and sensual," and daring the audience to escape reality and join a realm of dreams.
The woman, whose identity and age have not been disclosed, told the outlet she learned about these private parties at her former job and entered the event for the first time as a guest with a then-date. Grace says she had an "amazing time" with her partner and willingly went to the next party. This time alone, however.
"It was a different experience but exciting and satisfying nonetheless," she told the Sun. "At this point, I had gotten to know many of the people involved in making SNCTM and it really made me want to be a part of the team, so I applied to become one of their performers. The following event they had I was making my performance debut. I have been a XXX performer for a year now."
Of course, the story touched on the topic of life outside of parties and the issue of permanent relationships. But Grace assured that her friends know about the nature of her occupation and do not pester her with unnecessary questions. In addition, she has stated that she is polyamorous and occasionally performs with her main partner.
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Watch, But Don't Touch

Grace further claimed that performers indeed engage in flirting and socializing with guests to make sure they are having fun and getting into the atmosphere, but as a rule, they must not become involved with visitors.
"I don't have any sexual contact with guests - I only physically interact with the other XXX models that I have consented to perform with," she said. "The show is always different and so is every evening. At the last SNCTM party, I did a beautiful bondage scene while being serenaded by a violinist - it was divine."
She said that among the up to 100 attendees are "beautiful, wealthy people" who work in a variety of fields, including the arts, business and finance.
Notably, the model recalled a memorable New York night when she crossed paths with a female celebrity and the two had a great talk, adding that she would not give any hints as to who it was or provide details because "people like to do this in secret and be able to kind of shed their inhibitions."

Discretion and 'Dark Ambience'

However, Grace claimed there were many particularly high-profile people at the events, although she could not recall them all.
"The organizers are very strict about people's phones, they are taken at the door. And they have really good security," she added. "Consent is also the most important thing. They really do a good job of making sure that it's like a safe space for everyone, not just celebrities."
According to the performer, the gatherings last from about 10 pm until 3 pm. SNCTM also has organized events in places like Miami and Moscow, and the club has reportedly claimed on its website that actress Gwyneth Paltrow had promoted the club.
"A lot of times we'll have live musicians. I've done scenes where I was also being serenaded by either a harpist or violinist, there can be a really beautiful, dark ambience."
SNCTM is said to be more of a "play party," according to the report, whereas many sex parties involve guests retreating to private rooms to carry out their deviant fantasies. In groups or couples, guests start kissing and engaging in foreplay, while some go all out and have full-on sex in front of other guests.
Since events had to be postponed throughout the pandemic, SNCTM is now reportedly more popular than ever.
"We're always packed out," she insisted.
In early interviews, club founder Damon Lawner admitted to being inspired by the party aesthetic in Kubrick's movie.
In the application form, a potential guest is asked to provide personal data and social network pages, describe a fantasy associated with the world of SNCTM, and describe in detail what arouses them and what they consider taboo.
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