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Indian Student Studying at Russia's Southern Federal University: 'I Was Quite Impressed'

© Photo : SFedUPriyadarshani Rajput, Master Student at SFedU
Priyadarshani Rajput, Master Student at SFedU - Sputnik International, 1920, 05.08.2022
Russia’s Southern Federal University has long been chosen by young foreign scientists, including those from India who are seeking to share their knowledge and gain international expertise.
What opportunities do studies in Russia open for young professionals from India? Priyadarshani Rajput, Master Student at Southern Federal University (SFedU) based in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, has given her thoughts on the matter in an interview with Sputnik.
Priyadarshani Rajput was enrolled to the Master's program "Nanoscale structure of materials" at the SFedU’s Smart Materials Research Institute last year.
Her research activity pertains to the development of materials and systems for wastewater treatment from heavy metals, using microfluidics technologies and a wide range of methods of physical and chemical characterization.

“My major is nanoscale structure of materials, which comes under the physics branch. I have chosen this major because this is emerging science, which allow us to study any materials at nanoscale and at this tiny scales materials behave differently and they are changing chemical, physical pand biological properties. It's a very good opportunity to investigate and to learn about this type of materials,” Rajput said.

She admitted that she had chosen the SFedU for studying because her husband “is already working at biology department” of the university and that she had already known about the “infrastructure and professors”.
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“I have been living in Russia for the last six years. I have seen the campus. I have already talked with the students from different majors. And everybody said this is a very good university,” the master student noted, referring to the SFedU.

She stressed that the university offers “lots of opportunities” for a student to deal with scientific research in the field of nanoscale structure of materials, citing “many international and national conferences and seminars and guest lectures” that she attended during her first year of studies at the SFedU. According to Rajput, “this was a great experience and I learned new things through these workshops.”
The master student made it clear that she plans to continue her research work and become a PhD student at the SFedU because she “likes it so much”.

When asked what she likes the most when it comes to studying at the SFedU, Rajput emphasized that she likes it when the university’s professors “are very friendly and they are more attentive to each student, not only one.”

“They are talking student to student and they are solving their problems immediately and they are focusing on practical works,” she said, stressing that she was “quite impressed” with all this and that she was “enjoying” studying at the SFedU.
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