Hunter Biden-Linked Chinese Businessmen Met With Joe Biden at the White House While VP

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Hunter Biden Taxes - Sputnik International, 1920, 06.08.2022
Hunter Biden has been at the center of scandals since Joe Biden first announced his run for the presidency. Hunter is currently under federal investigation for alleged tax crimes and illegal foreign lobbying. The White House continues to deny that Joe Biden has spoken to his son about his foreign business dealings.
Two Chinese businessmen with links to Hunter Biden were able to secure a meeting with then Vice President Joe Biden on one day's notice, according to official records revealed in the Daily Mail today.
This is the fifteenth discovered meeting between Joe and Hunter-linked businessmen. Despite this, the White House continues to deny that Joe has had any conversations with Hunter about his overseas dealings.
After meeting with Joe, one of the businessmen, Pin Ni, the president of Wanxiang America, sent a glowing email to Hunter and offered to fix his $104,000 electric luxury sports car that Hunter had bought from a Chinese auto company he may have invested in, which was later purchased by Wanxiang.
“Last Friday when we visited DC, I heard that your Fisker is out of order and could not get serviced. Sorry,” Ni wrote. “It would be our honor to get your Fisker fixed.” Fisker was a Chinese automotive company that produced electric cars. It went bankrupt in 2013 and was bought out by Wanxiang.
Hunter Biden leaves after President Joe Biden awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to 17 people during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Thursday, July 7, 2022 - Sputnik International, 1920, 05.08.2022
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In 2009, the Department of Energy (DOE) announced an investment of more than half a billion dollars into the company, promising it would bring thousands of jobs to Joe’s home state of Delaware. Not a single car was ever produced by Fisker in the United States before it went bankrupt in 2013. Only $192 million of the $528 million investment was actually paid to Fisker because the rest of the loan required that a certain number of cars be produced in the United States. Of that, only $53 million was paid back to the DOE through Hong Kong-based Hybrid Technology’s purchase of the defaulted loan.
Hunter’s name was listed on Fisker’s bankruptcy filings, indicating that he was likely an early investor in the company, though it is not known if he made the investment before or after the DOE loan. It is also possible that Hunter was listed as a creditor because the company owed him for a purchased car, but considering that he had already received a car from Fisker and it gave him so many problems that he returned it to the dealer “at great loss,” according to the emails between him and Ni, that seems unlikely.
Fisker also received investments from former Vice President Al Gore and venture capitalist John Doerr, who contributed to both Obama and Biden’s respective campaigns. The elder Biden denied that he lobbied the DOE for the deal.
Photo of Hunter Biden relaxing in a bathtub, reportedly taken from a computer dropped off at a Delaware computer repair shop. - Sputnik International, 1920, 28.07.2022
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Hunter held the car under his DC-based law firm, Owasco PC, according to filings. It was not the only luxury car that has been linked to controversies surrounding the First Son. He also purchased a $142,300 Porsche Panamera in 2014, using funds sent to him by Kazakhstani banking mogul Kenes Rakishev. That payment is part of an ongoing federal investigation into Hunter for alleged tax crimes and illegal foreign lobbying.
Even before Wanxiang purchased Fisker, it had other connections to Hunter. Just weeks after then-Senator Barack Obama picked Joe Biden as his running mate, Hunter set up a consulting firm called Seneca Global Advisors. In 2012, Wanxiang invested $1.25 billion into GreatPoint Energy, which was a client of Seneca Global Advisors.
When asked for comment by the Daily Mail, Hunter Biden’s criminal defense lawyer Chris Clark refused to comment on the situation.
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