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Video: Three Arkansas Cops Suspended After Being Filmed Violently Beating Man During Arrest

© Photo : Twitter / @NaomiRHelmA screenshot from the video showing three police officers beating a man in Arkansas, August 21, 2022.
A screenshot from the video showing three police officers beating a man in Arkansas, August 21, 2022. - Sputnik International, 1920, 22.08.2022
Initial details released by Arkansas' Crawford County Sheriff Jimmy Damante indicate the video was captured after the unidentified individual allegedly attacked the officers after initially cooperating with the cops. The extent of his injuries are unknown at present.
Newly surfaced cellphone footage captured two Crawford County deputies and a Mulberry Police officer violently beating a shoeless Arkansas man, with one of the officers appearing to slam the man's head on the concrete.
The footage, which was shared on social media by Naomi Johnson, was filmed on Sunday by Johnson's sister at the Kountry Xpress in Mulberry, Crawford County. The 34-second clip captures an unidentified man being beaten by three police officers, while the woman seemingly attempts to stop the beating by shouting at the police.

"Back the f**k up!" one police officer can be heard responding.

In the five hours since the video was shared on social media, it has gained viral status.
According to the Arkansas Times, Johnson's sister relayed to her that when she had initially arrived at the petrol station the shoeless man was sitting on the sidewalk and conversing with the police.
The officers tackled the man as he appeared to stand up and flee. Johnson reportedly claimed that her sister had noticed signs of mental instability in the man.
Bill Sadler, a spokesman for the Arkansas State Police, provided the details on the incident in a statement and revealed that the events took place at 10:30 a.m. local time outside a local convenience store in Crawford County.

"The incident involves two Crawford County sheriff’s deputies and a Mulberry police officer," Sadler explained. "At this time I do not have any identifying information about the victim."

A statement was also made by Crawford County Sheriff Jimmy Damante, who indicated that the deputies involved in the beating of an apparently unarmed men were suspended until the investigation is concluded.
"In reference to the video circulating social media involving two Crawford County Deputies, we have requested that Arkansas State Police conduct the investigation and the Deputies have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. I hold all my employees accountable for their actions and will take appropriate measures in this matter," the sheriff said.
The local CBS 5 News station reported that the Mulberry police officer seen in the video was placed on administrative leave.
Damante explained to the local station that officers had been responding to a call of a man making terroristic threats to a convenience store clerk, who claimed the suspect spat on them and threatened to "cut off their face."
However, once the three officers caught up with the suspect, the man started pushing one of the deputies to the ground and pounding the back of his head after initially being cooperative. The video captured by Johnson's sister is said to pick up moments after the suspect threw punches.
After officers were able to contain the man, he was brought to a nearby hospital after being booked into jail; his identity has not yet been disclosed. The extent of his injuries are unknown at present.
According to Damante, the suspect is presently accused of making terroristic threats, resisting arrest, 2nd-degree battery, trespassing, aggravated assault, and having an instrument used in a crime.
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