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Biden's Rating Hits Rock Bottom as Poll Finds Only 1/3 Would Reelect Him

© Photo : Knowyourmeme.comSad Joe Biden photo from 2014. Source of endless internet memes.
Sad Joe Biden photo from 2014. Source of endless internet memes. - Sputnik International, 1920, 16.10.2022
Senior Democratic officials began hinting publicly at the need to replace Joe Biden as the party’s candidate for president this summer, citing concerns over his mental fitness, his stalled agenda, economic and inflation woes, and fears that he could sink the party if matched up against Donald Trump. Biden has promised to run again.
Just 33 percent of Americans would vote to reelect President Biden if the presidential election were held today, a poll of 1,206 registered voters conducted for Fox News by Beacon Research and Shaw & Company Research has found.

33 percent of Americans told pollsters that they would vote to reelect the incumbent, while 54 percent said they would pick "someone else." Biden’s showing is the lowest among any of the past three presidents, with Donald Trump hitting a 35 percent reelect rating low point in January 2018, and Barack Obama suffering a "reelect" low of 39 percent in September 2010, before rebounding and defeating his Republican rival Mitt Romney in 2012.

71 percent of self-described Democrats said they would reelect Biden, while 19 percent said they would vote for someone else. Among Republicans, 91 percent said they would pick someone else, with 4 percent saying they would stick with Biden. Independents proved to be the most uncertain, with 13 percent saying they would reelect Biden, and 54 percent picking someone else. Another 23 percent said it was too soon to say at this point.
Biden also received cross-the-board failing grades on empathy, honesty, mental soundness and strength of leadership, with 51 percent of respondents saying they don’t think he "cares about people like me" compared to 46 percent who do, and 52 percent answering "no" when asked if the president is "honest and trustworthy," compared to 44 percent who said "yes." 56 percent found that Biden does not have the "mental soundness to serve," compared to 40 percent who said he does, and 62 percent said "no" when asked if he is "a strong leader," compared to 35 percent who answered "yes."

In issue-specific ratings, 44 percent expressed support for Biden’s Russia-Ukraine policy while 52 percent disapproved, 43 percent said they approve of his energy policy while 53 percent do not, 43 percent support his climate agenda while 52 percent do not, 41 percent approve his overall foreign policy while 54 percent don’t, and 37 percent approve of his position on crime while 58 percent do not.

On border security, the economy, and inflation, issues that polls have found Americans care about most in the current election cycle, Biden’s "fail" grade was even worse, with 36 percent saying they approve of his border policies while 60 percent said they do not, 35 percent expressing support for his economic policies compared to 62 percent who do not, and 29 percent supporting his policy on inflation compared to 67 percent who do not.
Election 2018 Ohio - Sputnik International, 1920, 08.10.2022
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The incumbent’s unpopularity may help explain his lack of public enthusiasm in supporting Democratic candidates for Congress, governorships, and other offices up for grabs in the upcoming November 8 midterm election, during which all 435 seats of the House of Representatives and a third of the Senate will be picked.
Biden’s critics have accused the president of “hiding in the White House” to prevent his “stumbling incompetence” from ruining whatever chances Democrats have of gaining or hanging on to their seats and state offices.
An aggregate of state and national polling conducted last week found Republicans to be en route to taking both the House and the Senate, and to be leading in nearly two dozen governors races.
Earlier this month, an Ipsos/Axios poll found that 53 percent of voters are concerned that the election could lead to a state of gridlock in which the president and Congress are unable to agree on policy for the final two years of Biden’s current term.
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