How Much Money Has US Sent to Ukraine?

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The United States government has rolled out several sizeable financial packages since February, allocating vast sums of money toward supporting Kiev in its fight against Russia.
The Biden administration has pumped billions of dollars of financial and military assistance into Kiev following the launch of the Russian military operation in Ukraine on February 24. Moscow has warned that this flow of cash and weapons merely helps prolong the fighting and does little to resolve the crisis.
The flow of money and equipment, which vastly exceeds any assistance Ukraine received from the West since the 2014 coup, shows no signs of abating, with the United States moving to provide at least an additional $800 million next year.
So how much exactly has the United States funneled to Ukraine this year and what kind of bonanza may await Kiev in the future?

How Much Has the US Sent to Ukraine

The total amount the United States has sent to Ukraine so far already numbers tens of billions of dollars and the US leadership does not seem keen to temper down its generosity when it comes to helping Kiev attack Russia.
The US government has already provided around $68 billion, with the first $13.6 billion package being passed by US lawmakers as early as March, mere days after the launch of the Russian military operation in Ukraine.
Javelin F-model missile. - Sputnik International, 1920, 05.12.2022
Russia's Special Operation in Ukraine
‘We Haven’t Got This Figured Out Yet’, Pentagon Says of Ukraine Aid as US Runs Low on Arms to Send
Around two months later, in May, a much larger package was passed by the US Congress, resulting in a whopping $40 billion of US taxpayers’ money being diverted to the cause.
And in September, yet another $13.7 billion package was rolled out by the US politicians.

How are the Funds Being Spent

The US assistance to Ukraine comes in many forms, and the impressive figures seen in the legislation passed by the US Congress do not mean that all this money simply gets sent to Kiev for the Ukrainian politicians to spend as they please.
A portion of these funds is being spent on military assistance, such as the transfer of weaponry and military hardware to the Ukrainian forces, the training of the Ukrainian military personnel and the sharing of intelligence.
Some of the money does go directly to the government in Kiev to sustain its operation amid the veritable collapse of the Ukrainian economy.
A portion of the aid is also directed to US government operations related to the Ukrainian crisis, and some money also supposedly goes towards humanitarian issues.

How Much Does the US Intend to Spend on Ukraine in the Future

Last month, the Biden administration requested an additional $37.7 billion for Ukraine from the US Congress, with the package including funds for more weapons and gear for Kiev, as well as the money that would go directly to support the government in Kiev.
However, at the rate the ongoing conflict in Ukraine continues to swallow all the money the White House throws at it, it seems rather likely that the US government will have to up the ante next year.
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