Fentanyl? Lozenges? Twitter Wants to Know What Jill Biden Gave Joe to Eat at Bill-signing Ceremony

© Photo : YouTube/ Washington PostJoe Biden prepares to swallow mystery item given to him by First Lady Jill Biden during a ceremony at the White House on Tuesday, December 13, 2022. Screengrab of YouTube video.
Joe Biden prepares to swallow mystery item given to him by First Lady Jill Biden during a ceremony at the White House on Tuesday, December 13, 2022. Screengrab of YouTube video. - Sputnik International, 1920, 14.12.2022
The president signed a landmark piece of bipartisan-approved legislation on Tuesday codifying same-sex marriages, giving gay and lesbian couples legal recognition across state lines and granting them the same federal benefits any other type of married couple enjoys. The signing ceremony took place on the White House's South Lawn.
Social media users are dying to know what First Lady Jill Biden gave her husband, President Joe Biden to eat before he signed the Respect for Marriage Act into law.
During the signing ceremony, Mrs. Biden was spotted approaching the president and handing him something. Biden quickly put it in his mouth as he sat down, with the first lady moving behind him to his left, looking on at her husband and smiling.
Eagle-eyed viewers and partisan flunkies immediately spotted and screengrabbed the interaction and posted it on social media, with others brainstorming what the mystery item could be.
“Meds,” one popular comment suggested. “Fentanyl?” another jokingly asked, referencing the deadly opioid pain medication which has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. “Amphetamine,” one user quipped, referring to the central nervous system stimulant often prescribed to people suffering from attention deficit disorder. “So that’s what’s causing the national Adderall shortage,” another joked in the same vein.
“Some upper to try and keep him sharp enough to read more than one sentence and stay on track,” another popular comment said.
“Alzheimer’s pill,” one mean-spirited commenter suggested. “Imodium,” another quipped, referring to the anti-diarrhea medication.
President Joe Biden speaks in the South Court Auditorium on the White House complex in Washington, Dec. 8, 2022 - Sputnik International, 1920, 14.12.2022
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“Sniffing a ponytail holder from a little girl,” one person chimed in, referring to the president’s…odd passion for sniffing strangers, particularly young women and little girls.
A few commenters rushed to Biden’s defense. “C’mon, I’m no Biden fan, but it’s likely just a lozenge. Try harder,” one person wrote. “I thought the same thing. I despise Biden and all career politicians, but this is a stretch,” another said. “Or…wait for it…breath mint,” another sarcastically wrote.
The lozenge suggestion seems the most likely. Before signing the bill, Biden suffered several coughing fits, repeatedly coughing into his right hand, and then using it to shake hands with legislators who gathered on the podium to congratulate him.
Observers expressed concerns over the 80-year-old president's health this summer after suffered back-to-back bouts with Covid, despite being double-vaxxed and double-boosted. His wife, also fully vaxxed and boosted, fell ill with the disease shortly after, suffering mild symptoms.
Joe Biden's mental fitness and acuity have been questioned from his very first day in office, and even before that, particularly by former president Donald Trump, who demanded a drug test for 'Sleepy Joe' before or after their debates in late 2020, and boasted about how he had "aced" a "very hard" cognitive test which included checking his ability to name exotic animals and repeat basic sentences aloud. Biden and his aides have dismissed concerns regarding his mental fitness, assuring that he is perfectly fit for his job.
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