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Boomer Club: These Six Countries Have Nuclear Subs Lurking in the Deep – Video

The subject of global strategic stability has gained fresh attention in recent months amid escalating tensions between the nuclear powers and concerns about the fate of agreements designed to keep nuke numbers and their proliferation in check. Nuclear-powered, nuclear-armed submarines are designed specifically to preserve the strategic balance.
Sputnik has been publishing a series of articles on the size and composition of the world’s most powerful nuclear submarine fleets, taking an in-depth look at US, Russian and Chinese attack and boomer subs as part of a broader analysis on nuclear weapons.
Nuclear-powered, nuke-armed submarines are rightfully considered the most deadly component of the weapons possessed by countries with a nuclear triad (i.e. nations with ground, air and sea-based nuke delivery capabilities). The reason for this is that these subs operate deep underwater, lurking in areas far from enemy shores, and thus possessing capabilities which can’t be eliminated in a surprise enemy first strike. That makes them perhaps the main deterrents against an itchy trigger finger, since the enemy knows for certain that retaliation via nuclear sub to any nuclear aggression would be swift, sudden, and massive. Some countries have submarines with enough nuclear firepower onboard to singlehandedly destroy an entire country. A frightening and sobering thought, and one reason why there ought to be more, not fewer, international agreements designed to reduce nuclear stockpiles and the war danger.
How many countries are capable of building nuclear-powered attack and boomer submarines? What is the history behind them? Why were such subs developed in the first place and what are their advantages compared to conventional, diesel-powered submarines? Watch Sputnik’s informative video to find out.
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