'Giant Meteoroid' Will Obliterate Earth in 28th Century, 'Time Traveler' Claims

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Apocalypse - Sputnik International, 1920, 01.01.2023
The author of one of the latest doomsday predictions has claimed that humanity will escape Earth's destruction by colonizing Mars.
Apocalyptic predictions are hardly anything new, with doomsayers in various corners of the globe making claims about the impending end of the world since times immemorial.
Yet while at least some of these seem to sincerely believe in their prophecies, an announcement made by TikTok user @timetraveler322 about the alleged date of our planet’s demise was apparently made just for laughs.
The video’s author, who styles him- or herself a visitor from the distant future, claimed that Earth will be “destroyed” on July 6, 2788, by a “gigantic meteoroid”. However, they went on to allege, humanity will have supposedly colonized Mars by then and thus avoid being wiped out along with its homeworld.
The TikTok video also made a cryptic claim about humanity eventually discovering that it is “not alone” on Mars, even though @timetraveler322 did not elaborate further.
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The majority of social media users who commented on the video did not seem to believe these claims. Some argued that only the Almighty knows when the world will end while others pointed out that other predictions made by @timetraveler322 turned out to be way off the mark.
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