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NATO in Brussels, Belmarsh Tribunal, GA Trooper Kills Protestor

NATO in Brussels, Belmarsh Tribunal, GA Trooper Kills Protestor
Ukraine’s NATO allies still can’t agree on providing tanks, and Donald Trump remains unbeatable in an open GOP primary.
Journalist, writer, and cohost of the podcast Unauthorized Disclosure Kevin Gosztola joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss the Belmarsh Tribunal at the National Press Club that seeks to bring further attention to the persecution of journalist Julian Assange. He also explains the current state of the movement to free Assange movement, how the FBI is now distancing themselves from their former star witness against Assange, the raiding of a German radio newsroom, and whistleblowers criticizing the EPA.
Technologist and cohost of the CovertAction Bulletin podcast Chris Garaffa discusses Meta’s decision to allow the neo-Nazi Azov Regiment to join Facebook, how Silicon Valley works as social media arm of the U.S. State Department, the tracking of digital money transfers by hundreds of law-enforcement agencies, further tech layoffs, and Meta’s legal battles with EU regulators.
Veteran war journalist Elijah Magnier discusses NATO’s continued unwillingness to send battle tanks to Ukraine, how the pacing of aid to Ukraine seems to indicate that Washington wants to prolong the war, whether Israel and Saudi Arabia will normalize relations and what that would mean for the region and for Palestinians specifically, and how to interpret the Space Force’s big new budget.
Local Atlanta organizer Monica Johnson discusses the killing by police of a forest defender activist in Atlanta, the fight to prevent a cop training facility that would destroy more than sixty acres of forest, the violent tactics of Georgia state troopers, and the impact of charging protesters with “domestic terrorism.”
The Misfits also discuss this week’s news of the weird, including a frigid Siberian flight gone awry, the screaming of the Golden Gate Bridge, and a natty cow carcass in Australia.
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