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DOJ Go After Google in Antitrust Lawsuit and How Antifa is Protected by the Establishment

DOJ Go After Google in Antitrust Lawsuit and How Antifa is Protected by the Establishment
On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Lee Stranahan discussed current events including confidential documents found at Mike Pence's residence and the United States suing Google.
Mark Frost - Economist, Professor, Consultant, and Libertarian | The Reality of Economics, The Cost of Incompetence, and Don't Question the Narrative on Ukraine

Tyler Nixon - Attorney, Media Relations Specialist | Microsoft, The CIA Takedown of Richard Nixon, and Operation Mockingbird

In the first hour, Lee and Jason Goodman spoke with Mark Frost about the cost of unintended consequences, neocons, and inflation. Mark spoke about the generational cost of America's aid for Ukraine and economic echo chambers. Mark discussed the all-time failures of the Biden administration and the amount of money America has sent to Ukraine.

In the second hour, Lee and Jason Goodman spoke with Tyler Nixon about the establishment coup on Richard Nixon, investigations into the JFK assasination, and political assassinations. Tyler commented on Bob Woodward's past and the CIA manipulation of the media. Tyler talked about Frank Sturgis and the preservation of classic cars.
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