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Aerial photo shows the destruction in Hatay city center, southern Turkey, Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2023.  - Sputnik International

LIVE UPDATES: Two Earthquakes Jolt Turkiye-Syria Border

The two countries are still reeling from a series of devastating earthquakes that occurred on February 6, killing tens of thousands of people, toppling buildings and trapping thousands under the rubble.
The quake was recorded nine kilometers from the Turkish city of Antakya in Hatay province and 75 kilometers from Syria's Latakia. Meanwhile, Turkish media reported more destruction following the earthquake in Hatay, which had already been turned into rubble by the devastating quake that jolted the country on February 6.
Shortly thereafter, Turkish disaster management agency AFAD reported a second earthquake in Hatay, this time of 5.8 magnitude.
Meanwhile, the EMSC suggests that aside from Turkiye and Syria, the quake was felt in Lebanon, Cyprus and Israel.
Sputnik donates over 3 tons of humanitarian aid to Syrian families affected by the earthquake - Sputnik International, 1920, 20.02.2023
Sputnik Delivers Over Three Tons of Humanitarian Aid to Earthquake-Hit Syrians
On February 6, parts of Turkiye and Syria were hit by a series of powerful earthquakes and aftershocks that killed over 40,000 people. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the earthquake became the deadliest in the nation's history.
The Syrian Health Ministry said that the final death toll from the earthquake in the government-controlled part of the country had reached 1,410 people, however, the United Nations estimates put the total number of deaths in Syria at 8,500.
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05:06 GMT 21.02.2023
Death Toll From Monday's Earthquakes in Turkiye's Hatay Rises to 6, Reports Say
Aftermath of an earthquake in Turkiye - Sputnik International, 1920, 21.02.2023
Death Toll From Monday's Earthquakes in Turkiye's Hatay Rises to 6, Reports Say
02:22 GMT 21.02.2023
Turkiye's Health Minister Says Recent Earthquakes in Hatay Province Injured Some 300 People
Almost 300 people were injured, including 18 being in critical condition, as the result of new earthquakes that hit the border region of Syria and Turkiye on Monday, Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said on Tuesday.
"As a result of the two earthquakes that occurred in Hatay, we have 294 victims. Eighteen of them, unfortunately, are in serious condition. After receiving first aid, they were transported to [the cities of] Adana and Dortyol by air and land," Koca said on Twitter.
01:06 GMT 21.02.2023
Lebanese Nationals Leaving Their Homes in Fear of Collapsing Buildings After Earthquakes
Lebanese nationals in the capital city of Beirut and other cities on the Mediterranean Sea are leaving their homes in panic in fear of collapsing buildings following new earthquakes that hit the border region of Syria and Turkey earlier on Monday, a Sputnik correspondent reported.
According to the correspondent, panic and fear have gripped the population in most Lebanese regions, especially the capital Beirut and other coastal areas, after new earthquakes. Thousands of Beirut residents took to the open spaces in fear, causing traffic jams on highways. Some people with their belongings took to beaches to spend the night there.
Abbas Al Halabi, the minister of education and higher education of Lebanon, announced that classes would be canceled on Tuesday at all educational facilities in the country following the new earthquakes. The minister also instructed administrations of all educational facilities to carry out engineering reviews of buildings to make sure they are safe and undamaged and report problems if such occur.
The Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research told Sputnik that the latest tremor was a magnitude 4.5 earthquake on the Richter scale and lasted for about 18 seconds.
22:33 GMT 20.02.2023
Several Buildings Collapse in Syria After New Earthquakes
Several buildings have collapsed in the cities of Al-Bab and Harim in northern Syria as a result of new earthquakes that hit the border region of Syria and Turiye earlier on Monday, the Al Arabiya broadcaster reports, citing sources. According to the report, new earthquakes injured several people.
21:00 GMT 20.02.2023
Three People Killed, 213 Hospitalized After New Earthquakes in Turkey, Says Interior Ministry
Three people were killed, 213 were hospitalized after new earthquakes in the Turkish province of Hatay on Monday, Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu said.
"Three citizens died, 213 citizens were taken to hospitals. Search and rescue operations continue in three places, 42 reports have been received, all have been inspected. There are no problems with 39 reports," Soylu told reporters.
19:33 GMT 20.02.2023
Governor of Turkiye's Hatay Says People Were Under Rubble After New Earthquakes
The governor of the Turkish province of Hatay, Lutfu Savas, said that people were under the rubble of houses that had collapsed on Monday after new earthquakes. "Unfortunately, several houses collapsed, people were left under the rubble," Savas said on the air of the NTV broadcaster. He noted that the rescuers had been sent to help them.
A reporter from CNN Turk who was at the scene said that there was a one-year-old child under the rubble of one of the houses. In turn, the governor of the province of Adana said that no damage had been recorded in the province as a result of new shocks.
18:57 GMT 20.02.2023
Turkish Vice President: No Tsunami Risk So Far in Aftermath of New Earthquakes
18:54 GMT 20.02.2023
Eight People Hospitalized With Injuries After New Earthquakes in Southern Turkiye, VP Says
18:31 GMT 20.02.2023
People Are Trapped Under Rubble in Hatay Following New Earthquakes, Rescue Teams Deployed at Site
18:27 GMT 20.02.2023
Sputnik Correspondent Reports From Aleppo
- 43 people have been taken to two hospitals, most of them have minor injuries or are in a state of shock;
- Aleppo residents are still on the street, fearing new tremors and a new earthquake;
- A building, which was damaged during the 6 February quake, collapsed in the city center. There are no casualties, since the building was evacuated.
A source in the Syrian Health Ministry told Sputnik that all the victims, who were admitted to hospitals in the Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Latakia and Hama, are suffering from panic and shock. Not everyone has physical injuries, those who do have minor injuries.
18:12 GMT 20.02.2023
People Urged to Stay Away From Seashore After New Earthquakes in Hatay, Turkiye
Turkish authorities have warned people to stay away from the sea in Hatay province after new earthquakes due to the risk of rising water levels.
"In view of the risk of sea level rise of up to 50 centimeters after earthquakes, citizens are asked not to approach the seashore," AFAD said in a statement.
18:04 GMT 20.02.2023
Turkish VP Urges People to Stay Away From Buildings in Earthquake-Hit Region
Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay has called on people residing in the quake-hit region to stay away from damaged buildings.
"Our investigation into the earthquakes in Hatay is ongoing. We ask citizens in the region to stay away from damaged buildings and to be vigilant about the warnings of our teams," the vice president tweeted.
18:01 GMT 20.02.2023
Reports: Erdogan, Who Visited Hatay Province on Monday, Was in Kahramanmaras When New Quakes Occurred
18:00 GMT 20.02.2023
Antakya-Iskenderun Highway Collapses After Two Earthquakes Rock Turkiye-Syria Border, Sources Tell Sputnik
17:56 GMT 20.02.2023
Terrified of More Destruction, Damascus Residents Run Out Into Streets
Damascus residents also felt the tremors and ran out into the streets, as they were terrified of more destruction, a Sputnik correspondent deployed in Syria said.
17:55 GMT 20.02.2023
People Told Not to Approach Damaged Buildings in Diyarbakir, Turkiye
According to a Sputnik correspondent stationed in Turkiye, many people ran out of their homes out of fear that the buildings might collapse in Hatay. The tremor was felt in the neighboring provinces too. Residents of the city of Diyarbakir are now outdoors, as they were warned not to approach the damaged buildings.
17:50 GMT 20.02.2023
Buildings Damaged in Number of Cities in Northern and Northwestern Syria
17:46 GMT 20.02.2023
Power Outage Reported in Hatay Province After Two Earthquakes
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