- Sputnik International, 1920, 25.02.2022
Russia's Special Operation in Ukraine
On February 24, 2022 Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine, aiming to liberate the Donbass region where the people's republics of Donetsk and Lugansk had been living under regular attacks from Kiev's forces.
Ukrainian servicemen load a truck with the FGM-148 Javelin, American man-portable anti-tank missile provided by US to Ukraine as part of a military support, upon its delivery at Kiev's airport Borispol on February 11,2022 - Sputnik International

UPDATES: Ukraine Conflict Will Have to End With Diplomacy, Negotiations – State Dept.

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Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine following the plea of the people`s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk to protect their citizens amidst increased attacks from Ukraine.
The United States and its allies ramped up their military support for Ukraine after Russia launched a special military operation. Recently, the US and several Western countries announced new military supplies to Kiev, including battle tanks, armored infantry vehicles and artillery systems.
In April 2022, Moscow sent a note to NATO member states condemning their military assistance to Kiev, noting that pumping Ukraine with weapons was not conducive to peace talks and would have a detrimental effect on the conflict. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned that any arms shipments on Ukrainian territory would be "legitimate targets" for Russian forces.
Despite pledging overall assistance to Ukraine, the US and its allies in NATO and beyond are apparently not that certain about their ability to provide Ukraine exactly with what they have promised. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz noted last week that there is no unity within Germany on the matter of sanctions against Russia and arms supplies to Kiev.
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23:44 GMT 21.02.2023
Ukraine Conflict Will Have to End With Diplomacy, Negotiations – State Dept.
The conflict in Ukraine will have to end with diplomacy and negotiations and President Volodymyr Zelensky knows it too, US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said in an interview.

“We know, just like President Zelensky knows, that this war will have to end with diplomacy, it will have to end with negotiations, and right now we are focused on strengthening our Ukrainian partners, so that when […] that negotiating table emerges, our Ukrainian partners have as strong a hand as possible,” Price said on Tuesday.

The spokesperson added that the Biden administration will announce sanctions on Russian individuals later in the day for their alleged roles in the conflict against Ukraine.
23:43 GMT 21.02.2023
Flags of Russia and the United States at the American Embassy in Moscow. - Sputnik International, 1920, 21.02.2023
US on Road to 'Destructive War With Russia', Warns Former Pentagon Official
19:50 GMT 21.02.2023
US to Impose Sanctions on 200 Russian Individuals, Entities This Week - Reports
The United States will impose sanctions on 200 Russian individuals and entities this week, The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday citing a person familiar with the matter.

The report said the sanctions will target Russian governors and family members of Russian government officials, Russian technology firms, alleged sanctions evasion networks, and entities critical to Russia's defense industry.

The West aims to cut Russia's access to critical materials needed for its defense and technology sectors, the report said.

The United States is expected to roll out its new package of sanctions in coordination with EU allies this week.
15:28 GMT 21.02.2023
Lavrov on Biden's Visit to Kiev and New Aid Package to Ukraine: Attempts to Save Nazi Regime Are Futile
MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called Monday's visit of US President Joe Biden to Kiev, as well as the new package of military assistance to Ukraine promised by Washington, a performance.
"What's new in this? You know, the performance is on. And so it continues. Everything works in this vein, from the point of view of our former Western colleagues, and from the point of view of saving the Nazi regime. Such attempts are futile," Lavrov told reporters, when asked to comment on Biden's visit to Kiev and the new military aid package for Ukraine.
12:22 GMT 21.02.2023
Ukrainian FM Says China Shared Its Peace Plan, Kiev Intends to Study It and Draw Conclusions
09:23 GMT 21.02.2023
Top Italian Diplomat Says Delivery of Italian Fighters to Kiev 'Almost Impossible' Now
Supplies of Italian fighter jets to Ukraine seem "almost impossible" at the moment as more coordination between NATO allies is needed on the issue to avoid deliveries of various models that would require additional training of Ukrainian troops, Italian Foreign Minister Antionio Tajani said.

"We have not talked about it, but in this case we will have to coordinate with allies and understand what fighters they will send, since there is not much sense to send different models to Ukraine as there is an issue of training of pilots then. So the shipment of Italian jets [to Ukraine] seems practically impossible to me," Tajani told journalists.

Earlier in the week, Italian press reported, citing sources, that Rome might provide up to five fighter jets, but only after similar steps by its European allies since it was not ready to take unilateral action.
08:41 GMT 21.02.2023
Kremlin: Russia Closely Observed Biden's Visit to Kiev, Will Follow Talks in Poland
15:34 GMT 20.02.2023
US Announces New $460 Million Military Aid Package for Ukraine
The new security package includes additional ammunition for HIMARS, Javelin Systems, and about 200 anti-armor rockets, among others, the Pentagon said.
14:02 GMT 20.02.2023
Biden’s Visit to Kiev Unprecedented Due to Lack of US Military Footprint, White House Says
The one-day visit of US President Joe Biden to Ukraine was unprecedented due to the lack of a military and a very light embassy footprint in the country, White House Deputy National Security Adviser Jon Finer said on Monday.
"Jake [Sullivan, US National Security Adviser] and Kate [Bedingfield, White House Communications Director] really said it all but I'll just make a few quick additional points. They each talked about some of the unusual or maybe unprecedented aspects of this visit but I'll mention a couple of others, which are: in addition to, obviously, lack of military footprint in Ukraine, the United States also has a very light embassy footprint compared to the massive operations in Afghanistan and Iraq during wartime visit by presidents to those places," Finer said.
13:51 GMT 20.02.2023
US Notified Russia Ahead of Biden’s Kiev Visit for Deconfliction Purposes, White House Says
While the mainstream media rushed to dub Biden's trip to Ukraine a "surprise visit," US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters that Washington had notified Russia about the presidential visit to Kiev a few hours before his departure for deconfliction purposes.
"We did notify the Russians that President Biden would be traveling to Kiev. We did so some hours before his departure for deconfliction purposes," Sullivan said.
The White House will not go into further details on the matter due to its sensitive nature, the official added.
"Because of the sensitive nature of those communications, I won't get into how they responded or what the precise nature of our message was," Sullivan concluded.
12:54 GMT 20.02.2023
Austrian Foreign Minister Reportedly Calls Chinese Possible Ukraine Peace Proposal Interesting Signal
Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg on Monday called China's intentions to present a document, outlining its position on the political settlement of the Ukrainian conflict "an interesting signal" from Beijing.
On Saturday, Chinese Central Foreign Affairs Office Director Wang Yi said that Beijing would draft and present a document by the end of February in which its position on the Ukraine crisis will be outlined.
"The Chinese comments about a possible peace initiative are at least an interesting signal ... We have to wait and see what exactly China puts on the table," Schallenberg told American media.
12:07 GMT 20.02.2023
President Biden Left Kiev, White House Declares
12:06 GMT 20.02.2023
Head of Russian Senate Committee Dubs Biden's Visit to Kiev 'Ridiculous'
11:52 GMT 20.02.2023
Biden: US, Allies Pledge 700 Tanks, Thousands of Armored Vehicles, Over 2 Mln Shells to Ukraine
11:44 GMT 20.02.2023
Estonian Foreign Minister Says Kiev 'Running Out of Shells,' Urges EU to Mull Joint Buying
Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu on Monday called on the European Union to launch a pan-European procurement scheme to supply Ukraine with ammunition through joint purchases, since Kiev was "running out of shells."
"Ukraine is running out of shells and Estonian proposal is that we should start a pan-European procurement scheme to start a systematic delivery of 155 [millimeter caliber] shells to Ukraine," Reinsalu said upon his arrival at the EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Brussels.
The top Estonian diplomat added that Tallinn was willing to provide Ukraine, at Kiev's request, with 1 million 155-millimeter caliber shells worth 4 billion euros ($4.3 billion) through joint purchases.
10:55 GMT 20.02.2023
Biden Vows to Support Ukraine 'For as Long as It Takes' as He Pledges 'Billions' in Budget Assistance
10:52 GMT 20.02.2023
US Media: Biden Wanted to Visit Kiev to Reassure Allies That Washington Will Continue to Assist Ukraine
According to a US newspaper, the US president told his advisers that he wanted to visit Ukraine in February in order to reassure his allies that Washington would continue to support Kiev. The unannounced visit had been planned and kept in secret for security reasons, the media noted.
10:49 GMT 20.02.2023
Kiev Authorities Embody Instrument of 'Collective West,' Prof Says
“We’re not at war with Ukraine, certainly not with the Ukrainian people. The Kiev authorities embody an instrument of the collective West. Otherwise, Biden would not waste time on flights and negotiations with Zelensky," Alexander Gusev, professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said.
10:47 GMT 20.02.2023
Biden's Visit to Kiev Won't Change Course of Russian Special Operation, Crimea Senator Says
10:46 GMT 20.02.2023
New US Military Assistance Package to Ukraine to Include HIMARS, Reports Say
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