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Media Bias on Display, Cop City Protests, Forever Chemicals

Media Bias on Display, Cop City Protests, Forever Chemicals
Ex-US officials imagine sanctioning Taiwan to push it toward more hostility toward mainland China, and the US gets credit as a global peacemaker.
David Swanson, a peace activist, journalist, radio host and author of the book "Curing Exceptionalism," joins Misfit hosts Michelle Witte and Ben Zinevich to discuss the implications of the battle for Artemovsk (Bakhmut), the possibility of sending F-16s, Russel Brand’s viral clip about bias in corporate media, Twitter Files revelations describing US government efforts to blacklist American accounts over Russian or Chinese “affiliation,” the role of the market in promoting war.
Guy McPherson, a scientist and professor emeritus of natural resources and ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona, discusses a new EPA regulation around PFAS chemicals, attempts to quantify environmental threats to human life, and the role of the military industrial complex in the climate crisis.
Kim Keenan, adjunct professor at George Washington University and former general counsel of the NAACP, discusses a newly revealed Homeland Security intelligence gathering program, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s lawsuit against the government for malicious prosecution, CNN's former president allegedly not letting staff investigate the COVID lab leak theory, the latest protests against Cop City, and a poll suggesting that Americans may be weary of being the world's police.
Former NFL player and certified nutritionist Femi Ayanbadejo discusses the drama surrounding Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder, who could replace Snyder as owner, whether Snyder’s management is different from other NFL owners, and if there are other models of sports team ownership to pull from.
The Misfits also discuss Amazon pausing construction on its new Arlington headquarters, the DC Council’s failure to defend DC sovereignty, Joe Biden’s supposed successes in shifting corporate practices.
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