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New Nord Stream 'Intelligence,' France on Strike, J6 + Cop City

New Nord Stream ‘Intelligence,’ France on Strike, J6 + Cop City
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell indicates further interest rate hikes, and an apparent surge in stories about dangerous air turbulence.
Former US diplomat and former senior foreign policy advisor Jim Jatras joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and Ben Zinevich to discuss reports that a “pro-Ukrainian group” blew up the Nord Stream pipelines, how these assertions could affect relations between Berlin and Kiev, the upcoming War Powers Resolution vote on US involvement in Syria, and the politicization of charges for protest on the left and right.
Scholar, educator and journalist focusing on the Asia-Pacific geopolitics KJ Noh discusses blunt statements by the Chinese leadership about the US, China’s success in crucial research areas, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy de-escalating in his planned meeting with the Taiwanese president, attempts to ban Hong Kong actor Donnie Yen from presenting from at the Oscars over his support for the government in Beijing, a controversial reparations plan for South Korean forced labor by the right-wing government in Seoul, and Western reports about starvation in North Korea amid an escalation of sanctions and military exercises towards Pyongyang.
David Oualaalou, international geopolitical consultant, author, veteran & former security analyst, discusses the latest reporting on the Nord Stream pipelines explosion, the protests launching today in France, new restrictions on asylum outlined by the UK government, reports that the Biden administration will resume detaining immigrant families.
Educator and socialist activist in northwest Florida Sarah Brummet discusses Florida’s right-wing legislative session, the state of education in the Sunshine State, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ connection to the US torture program in Guantanamo, and whether DeSantis will be able to push his agenda out of state.
The Misfits also discuss some possible relief on trade sanctions on Cuba on the horizon, assumptions about female mice, and CPAC straw polling.
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