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Nord Stream Probe Leaks, FTC Hounds Twitter, House Syria Vote

Nord Stream Probe Leaks, FTC Hounds Twitter, House Syria Vote
The National Transportation Safety Board probes Norfolk Southern’s safety culture, and the US military considers getting into deepfakes.
International affairs and security analyst Mark Sleboda joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and Ben Zinevich to discuss more leaks about the Nord Stream pipeline explosions coming out of Germany, ammunition levels in Ukraine as Western supplies to Kiev are thinning out, whether US oil production should affect how people understand current geopolitical tensions, and whether the French government will back down in the face of massive protests over a proposed increase in the retirement age.
Technologist and cohost of the CovertAction Magazine podcast Chris Garaffa discusses the FTC's probe of Twitter’s data security and demands that Twitter name journalists it has interacted with, Joe Biden’s new cybersecurity plan, and what to expect next in Washington’s proposed crackdowns on TikTok.
Independent journalist Christopher Helali discusses selective reporting on international neo-Nazi networks, calls from within the US government to withdraw troops from Syria, concerns among members of Israel’s armed forces that outrageous government statements could expose them to legal action, and how the political crisis in Israel is developing.
Lexington Fair Housing Council investigator and housing case manager Greg Capillo discusses the state of homelessness in the US, how methods used to assess homelessness can be misleading, how unrealistic US poverty thresholds contribute to homelessness, and whether a new House committee on the topic can create much change.
The Misfits also discuss more investigations into Tesla, International Women’s Day, and an update on the Roald Dahl editing scandal.
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