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SVB Collapse, DC Statehood, Protests in Israel, Peyote

SVB Collapse, DC Statehood, Protests in Israel, Peyote
Federal finance agencies step in over the weekend to avert a financial meltdown over Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse.
Professor of law and public policy and senior counsel at Westwood Capital Robert Hockett joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss the pair of bank failures this weekend, how these failures are affecting major regional banks through market panic, and whether depositors should be worried about today's volatility in bank stock trading.
Journalist and author Daniel Lazare discusses Matt Taibbi’s grilling by Democrats as they smear the Twitter Files as a right-wing plot, the fate of New York’s hush money case against Donald Trump, whether President Joe Biden's budget is as dead on arrival as Republicans claim it to be, rumors that new CNN president Chris Licht already may be on his way out, and an update on Biden’s approval rating as it reaches 50% for the first time.
Chair of the DC Statehood Greens Party Darryl Moch discusses the ongoing fight for home rule for Washington, DC; the role race might play in Congress’ desire to control the capital city on some issues, why Democrats betrayed the movement for DC statehood, and how the movement could be galvanized moving forward after this setback.
Veteran war journalist Elijah Magnier discusses the re-establishment of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia through negotiations led by China, how this agreement could affect the Saudi war in Yemen, expectations for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s upcoming trip to Moscow, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s hold on power as historic demonstrations challenge his cabinet’s rule, what the world misunderstands about Alexei Navalny, and polling about the upcoming Turkish election.
Reporter for Native News Online and Unicorn Riot Darren Thompson discusses the ceremonial use of peyote and how the issue of religious freedom is linked to land access and sovereignty.
The Misfits also discuss a Texas man suing his ex-wifes friends for helping get her abortion pills, the assault of progressive Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis in Athens, and a reflection on this year’s Oscars.
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