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French Pension Reform, ICC Issues Putin "Arrest Warrant", Stop Cop City

French Pension Reform, ICC Issues Putin Arrest Warrant, Stop Cop City
Shares of US regional banks continue to fall, and the International Criminal Court issues "an arrest warrant" for the Russian president.
Political and foreign affairs analyst and professor emeritus of literature Dr. Kenneth Surin joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss the likelihood of a no-confidence vote on French President Emanuel Macron after he pushed through controversial pension reform. He also discussed how French society is reacting to Macron’s move, more interviews in Western media about demoralized Ukrainians, a bipartisan Senate resolution on Saudi human rights issues, and a major win by the FarmerCitizens Movement Party in the Netherlands.
Organizing director for Community Movement Builders Jasmine Burnett discusses developments in the movement to stop "Cop City," what the autopsy of an activist killed in the Atlanta forest reveals, how the proposed police training facility would be used by law enforcement nationally and internationally, and the consequences that organizers and activists have faced in resisting the construction of the facility.
Founder and CEO of Real Progressives and leading activist for Modern Monetary Theory Steve Grumbine discusses the ongoing fallout from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, whether Congressional oversight around loans to tech startups could have prevented the collapse, the Biden administration's ultimatum to TikTok, the shifting opinions of the Republican mainstream, and making sense of what is considered fringe in the US political climate.
President of Healthy California Now and longtime nurses union organizer Michael Lighty discusses insulin price cuts, what impact they'll truly have for patients, who actually benefits from the byzantine drug supply chain, and how polling suggests most Americans support a Medicare for All model of health program.
The Misfits also discuss the quiet dismissal of a DEA executive in Mexico and this week's News of the Weird, including some nutty efforts at squirrel control.
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