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Russian Nuclear Arms in Belarus, Israeli Defense Minister Sacked

Russian Nuclear Arms in Belarus, Israeli Defence Minister Sacked
UK MP Jeremy Corbyn is barred from standing for the Labour Party again, and Agatha Christie’s novels get a silly makeover.
International affairs and security analyst Mark Sleboda joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss Russia’s deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, the comic infighting of the Ukrainian International Legion, how to understand the Biden administration’s new ban on foreign commercial spyware, Germany’s shifting position on China, and an update on the upheaval in France.
Author and West Coast Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition Richard Becker discusses the judicial reforms underlying the political crisis in Israel, the contradictions between the fights for democratic rights among Israelis and Palestinians, how the United States is worried that the widespread protests compromises the military readiness of Israel, the likelihood of the Israeli government collapsing, what is keeping the United States in Syria, and mainstream media finally reckoning with Israel’s collusion with Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.
Economist radio show host and author Jack Rasmus discusses Donald Trump's rally in Waco, Texas, tech startups having trouble finding financing amid recent bank collapses, why persistent issues of inflation won’t subside, the World Bank warning about global economic growth, and the water crisis in California.
The Misfits also discuss a school shooting in Nashville, Gwyneth Paltrow’s ski trial, the scourge of fake honey and polling on “American values.”
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