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NATO's Favorite Weapon Exposed: The Deadly Details of Depleted Uranium Shells Unveiled

Depleted Uranium shells poison the soil, pollute nature and cause cancer both among civilians and military personnel.
On March 21, London announced its plan to supply the Zelensky regime with armor-piercing rounds that contain depleted uranium. Minister of State for Defense Baroness Goldie stressed that "such rounds are highly effective in defeating modern tanks and armored vehicles".
However, she forgot to mention or intentionally stayed mum on the fact that DU shells pose serious health risks to both sides of the conflict. NATO forces used DU ammo in Yugoslavia and Iraq, where now surging rates of cancer, including cancer among children, have been recorded. NATO soldiers are also suffering the effects of DU ammunition, since their commanders failed to inform them about the potential health risks.
So, what makes DU shells so deadly? Check out Sputnik's infographics to find out!
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