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Ukraine Shells Donetsk, Erdogan Election Challenges, Proud Boys Trial

Ukraine Shells Donetsk, Erdogan Election Challenges, Proud Boys Trial
West Virginia State Troopers are accused of widespread abuse, and the Washington Post finds the least interesting angle on Osama bin Laden.
International affairs and security analyst Mark Sleboda joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss the overnight missile strikes in Ukraine, what to expect from Ukraine’s anticipated spring counteroffensive, and what Kiev’s goals will be for the surge.
Activist, multimedia consultant, and producer Laith Marouf discusses the health of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, how a unified opposition campaign has been formed for the first time against Erdogan, the current relationship between Turkey and Greece, and an update on Israel’s reactions to Palestinian demonstrations.
Latin America-based journalist and director of Kawsachun News Ollie Vargas discusses the Chilean government’s plan to create a public-private partnership for lithium production; how it compares to more expansive nationalization of lithium production in countries like Bolivia and Mexico; whether Chilean President Gabriel Boric will be able to achieve these reforms; an agreement reached between Mexico, Cuba, and Colombia to create a regulator agency for medicine in the region; and a reflection on the failed career of self-declared President of Venezuela Juan Guaidó.
Author and former Washington Post bureau chief Jon Jeter discusses the defamation suit against Donald Trump, the road ahead for abortion rights at the federal and state levels, the West Virginia Senate race, former Vice President Mike Pence giving long testimony on Trump’s role in January 6 riot, the campaign of RFK Jr. as his poll numbers nip at the heels of incumbent Joe Biden, the next steps for Proud Boys leaders as they await a likely conviction, how East Palestine residents are faring two months after the Norfolk Southern rail disaster, and the eviction of elderly homeowners who have fallen behind on property taxes.
The Misfits also discuss this week’s News of the Weird, including a box turtle trafficker in Virginia, mailbox-squatting dolls, a middle school teacher hosting an in-class fight club.
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