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Botched Strike in Syria, G7 Summit, Disney Cancels on Florida

Botched Strike in Syria, G7 Summit, Disney Cancels on Florida
The most recent “senior al-Qaeda* leader” the US claims to have killed in Syria weeks ago is likely just a father and bricklayer.
International director of El Ciudadano media platform Denis Rogatyuk joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss the continued US occupation of Syrian territory, the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Syrian President Bashar Assad’s arrival in Saudi Arabia to attend the Arab League summit, and the possibility that the conflict in Ukraine could become frozen.
Director of Environmental Justice at New York Lawyers for the Public Interest Anthony Rogers Wright discusses the expensive bill for cleaning up oil drilling sites in California, how extractive industries can skirt environmental regulations and fines, and how to understand the financial relationship between taxpayers and big oil companies.
Professor of law and public policy at Cornell University Robert Hockett discusses whether there can be any feasible alternative to Donald Trump in the GOP primaries, why Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is running to the right of Trump, Disney's cancelation of a $1 billion construction project in Florida, Fulton County prosecutors hinting at an upcoming prosecution of former President Donald Trump, a possible debt ceiling breakthrough, and interference in election processes in Texas.
Founder and editor of the Pakistan Daily Hamza Azhar Salam discusses rising tensions in Lahore as the government plans to attempt a raid on former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s home, the likelihood that the raid could lead to violence, and the role of sensationalism in Pakistani media in the crisis.
The Misfits also discuss Buzzfeed’s use of AI to cater to minority audiences, the human toll of state abortion bans, Greece’s treatment of migrants, and this week’s News of the Weird, including the possible return of an assumed-extinct woodpecker, a gone-girl dropout, and a vegan upset at the drifting smell of cooked meat.
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* Terrorist organization banned in Russia and many other countries.
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