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Immigration Politics, IRS vs Hunter Biden, Debt Ceiling Talks

Immigration Politics, IRS vs Hunter Biden, Debt Ceiling Talks
Colombian President Gustavo Petro suspends a ceasefire with a guerrilla group over allegations of anti-indigenous violence.
Critical medical anthropologist Adrienne Pine joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss the Washington Post recruiting celebrity chefs to write about the national security implications of hunger, New York Mayor Eric Adams and US President Joe Biden butting heads on immigration, and how inaction on immigration is dividing the Democratic Party.
Author with a focus on border militarization Todd Miller discusses the record budget that border enforcement has received while still failing to control the situation, how the war on terror provides a model for enacting immigration policy, the killing of an Native man in Arizona by Border Patrol after the man called them to his property, and whether there is any hope for a bipartisan immigration reform bill in Congress.
Activist, former educator, host of the Sabby Sabs podcast Sabrina Salvati discusses warnings from Treasury officials on what could happen if a debt ceiling decision isn’t reached, the role of local politics in decisions like Montana’s move to ban TikTok, how AI will affect media jobs and media literacy, and whether Robert F. Kennedy Jr. presents a serious threat to incumbent Joe Biden.
Wife of whistleblower Marty Gottesfeld and director of the group Free Marty G Dana Gottesfeld discusses the case of her husband, why the government has tried to cut off communication between husband and wife since December, and the lack of formal accountability and oversight of the Bureau of Prisons amid pervasive cases of abuse and inefficiencies.
The Misfits also discuss a car crash near the White House, the danger of plastic recycling, South Africa and the International Criminal Court, saber-toothed beasts and a new deal between the US and Papua New Guinea.
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