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Botched DeSantis Launch, IRS Whistleblower, Northern Ireland Elections

Botched DeSantis Launch, IRS Whistleblower, Northern Ireland Elections
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis launched his 2024 campaign with chaos, and the UK brings “transparency” to its theft.
Belfast-based political commentator Phil Kelly joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss Washington’s analysis that Kiev is behind attacks inside Russia, the BBC's attempt to be the arbiter of misinformation, the food price crisis in Europe, how Washington uses China as a distraction to cover for domestic austerity, and the widening mandate of Irish nationalists in the North as Unionists refuse to negotiate.
Iranian-American activist and scholar Leila Zand discusses recent provocative statements made by Israeli officials about Iran, Iran’s recent missile test, and the improved relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia.
International human rights activist, organizer, political analyst Ajamu Baraka discusses Ron DeSantis’ rocky campaign launch on Twitter, former President Donald Trump’s current positioning in the 2024 race, how willing Republicans and Democrats are to shut down the government for political gain, whether House Speaker Kevin McCarthy risks a recall on his speakership, how banks are preparing for a possible shutdown, the dark record of Henry Kissinger as he is expected to celebrate his hundredth birthday this week, and the targeting of the African People’s Socialist Party.
Illinois market president for Gorman & Company and affordable housing advocate Ron Clewer discusses the at-risk commercial real estate market, the push to convert commercial real estate to residential units, and why politicians aren’t more often raising the issue of housing crisis.
The Misfits also discuss impressive and terrifying developments in science, another sheriff murdering his girlfriend, more Oath Keepers’ sentences, and a good Supreme Court verdict.
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