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Onyx: Characteristics of Russia's Unstoppable Missile

On Monday, Ukraine failed to intercept any of the Onyx missiles launched to strike Ukrainian ports and critical infrastructure, according to foreign media reports.
All targets were successfully destroyed, while none of the supersonic Onyx missiles launched on Monday by Russia were shot down, European news agencies noted.
The Onyx is a prototype of the BrahMos missiles, which was developed jointly with India's Defense Ministry. The weapon flies at a speed of more than 3,000 km/h at an altitude of 10-15 meters above land or water, making it difficult to detect and intercept.
The Onyx can be fired from submarines, ships of various displacements, stationary and mobile coastal defense systems, and aircraft. Moreover, not only is the missile a self-guided munition designed on the "shoot and forget" principle, but also needs minimal data about the target in order to successfully strike it; therefore, the carrier can leave the firing position immediately after launch.
Check out Sputnik’s infographic to see the characteristics of the Onyx supersonic missile:
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