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Proud Boys Sentence Requests, Record Suicides, Japan and South Korea

Proud Boys Sentence Requests, Record Suicides, Japan/South Korea
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis finds one demographic he can unite through his campaign, and Yellowknife residents flee devastating fires.
Economist, author and radio host Dr. Jack Rasmus joins Misfits Hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss former President Donald Trump’s attempts to delay the trial dates for his recent indictments, concerns about the legal precedents that could be set if Proud Boys leaders are given terrorism-enhanced sentences, the mass fraud conducted by America’s wealthiest in grabbing pandemic-era government grants, and what's next for Hunter Biden.
Mental health counselor and hypnotherapist Dr. Harriet Fraad discusses record rates of suicide in the United States, what segments of society are most at risk and why psychiatric drugs don’t seem to be preventing these outcomes. She also talks about the shocking levels of substance abuse in American families, why drugs are so prevalent while substance abuse treatment is so hard to come by, the role of pharmaceutical companies and American capitalism in general in the opioid abuse epidemic, and what meaningful substance abuse prevention could look like.
Scholar, educator and journalist focusing on Asia-Pacific KJ Noh discusses the trilateral summit underway between the leaders of Japan, South Korea, and the United States; what could be compelling the South Korean leadership to overlook Japan’s long history of aggression against them; why the provision of F-16s won’t change outcomes in Ukraine; West African forces in the ECOWAS coalition affirming that the window hasn’t closed for foreign intervention in Niger; and the crisis around water resources as supplies in Maui run dry.
Political consultant and organizer Donna Davis discusses the state of mifepristone access in the US, whether we should expect the Supreme Court to take up this case, how Texas is attempting to bankrupt Planned Parenthood, and why voting blue isn’t enough to protect fundamental rights. “The government is broken and the people need to fix it with whatever resources they have at their disposal."
The Misfits also discuss the AI bubble, Hurricane Hillary, and a sneaky former fundraiser for Congressman George Santos.
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