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New Rules
New Rules provides you with an in-depth look at the geopolitical, economic, and ideological trends changing the world. The era of American global hegemony is coming to an end. What will take its place?

Can BRICS Dethrone US Empire?

Can BRICS Dethrone US Empire?
In this week’s episode of the New Rules podcast, host Dimitri Simes Jr. speaks with Pepe Escobar, a geopolitical analyst and writer, about BRICS, its opportunities and challenges, ahead of the summit in South Africa this week.
"We should not expect BRICS in two days in South Africa turning the rules based international order upside down. No, this is going to be a gradual, slow moving, very challenging process. But what's happening in South Africa and immediately after South Africa, let's say, is a sort of Rosetta Stone for what's going to happen ahead."
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