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Trump Arrested in Georgia, Airline Near Misses, Mining in Latin America

Trump Arrested in Georgia, Airline Near Misses, Mining in Latin America
NPR worries that Americans will come to believe that rich people get away with crimes, and a new robobus celebrates its launch by crashing.
Margaret Kimberley, Executive Editor and Senior Columnist of Black Agenda Report and the current host of the Black Agenda Radio podcast, joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss who was accepted as a member of the BRICS group this week, the controversial record of Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis, her promotion of the Cop City project in Atlanta regardless of activists’ concerns, possible collaboration between the Secret Service and the Oath Keepers, and how wage theft is affecting workers in New York.
Latin America Program Director of MiningWatch Viviana Herrera discusses the role of exploitative mining to fuel a transition to green energy, how North American governments thwart the wishes of populations in the countries they mine resources from, how global north governments use institutions like the IMF and World Bank to achieve their political goals, and what countries like Mexico are doing to implement energy sovereignty policies.
Author and political scientist Aaron Good discusses the processing of former President Donald Trump in Fulton County, whether the indictments help or hurt Trump’s popularity, an assessment of this week’s first Republican primary debate, how the National Security Agency believes it can impose safeguards on itself with regards to surveillance on foreign targets, and NPR’s silencing of calls for the rich to be held accountable.
An airline worker and community organizer discusses the chronic understaffing of airline traffic controllers nationwide, how this understaffing contributes to near-miss incidents, what the federal government could be doing to eliminate these risks, the unfortunate increase in injuries and deaths on the tarmac of airline workers, the rise of greater militancy among airline unions as industry safety issues increase, and the consequences of going so long without a FAA administrator.
The Misfits also discuss an uptick in mosquito-borne diseases in the United States, and this week’s News of the Weird including the death of the PDF inventor, a flagpole impalement at a Sonic Drive-in, and a sniffing stalker.
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