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German Nord Stream Report, Niger-France Tensions, Affordable Housing

German Nord Stream Report, Niger-France Tensions, Affordable Housing
An “act of war” depends on the actor according to German media, and Tesla prepares to go to court over crashes and deaths.
Adjunct professor and former General Counsel of the NAACP Kim Keenan joins MIsfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss the first hearings for former President Donald Trump, what Trump’s strategy is for delaying court proceedings, Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ attempt to move his trial to federal court, why one of Trump’s co-defendants was denied bail and the rights to a public defender, why the Democratic National Committee is so worried about competition in Democratic races, whether a No Labels 2024 ticket has the momentum to make an impact in the upcoming presidential race, and the possibility of another government shutdown standoff before year’s end.
Full-time organizer for the Louisville Tenants Union Greg Capillo discusses an attempt to solve the problem of providing affordable housing in Montgomery County in Maryland, whether the attempt truly is economically attainable for workers on a minimum wage, why this approach does not touch the question of the popular demand of rent control, and how a trend toward forgoing homeowners’ insurance could threaten family wealth.
Managing Editor of CovertAction Magazine and author Jeremy Kuzmarov discusses the German investigation into the attack on the Nord Stream pipelines, why it seems the perpetrators have been protected by anonymity for so long, the Czech US Embassy embarrassing itself in meme wars against Russia, the recent bombing of the Aleppo international airport by the Israeli government as other US allies in Syria exchange gun fire, the fleeing of Libya’s foreign minister to Turkiye after an encounter with the Israeli foreign minister, rising tensions in the Straits of Hormuz between the US and Iran, the Chinese government offering to provide the Saudis with nuclear power technology, and the United States claiming to demand concessions for Palestinians by Israel.
Editor of the Pan-African Newswire Abayomi Azikiwe discusses the increasing tensions in the situation of Niger as France refuses to remove its military forces from the country, French President Macron’s reaffirmation of support for French colonial forces, where the United States stands in this tense situation, and what could come next in the West African region.
The Misfits also discuss Simon Biles’ eighth US championship, the death of Price Is Right show host Bob Barker, and a racist attack in Jacksonville, Florida.
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