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Trump Gets His Federal Election Trial Date, Niger Update, & Ukraine Involved in NordStream Explosion

Trump Gets His Federal Election Trial Date, Niger Update, and Ukraine Involved in Nord Stream Explosion
On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Rachel Blevins discussed current events including President Macron commenting on the situation in Niger, and Biden asking Congress to fund new COVID vaccines.
Mark Sleboda - International Relations and Security Analyst | Prigozhin Fans Believe He's Still Alive, DNA Evidence Proves He Died on Flight, and Where Does Wagner Go From Here ?

Koffi Kouakou - Africa Analyst and Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Africa China Studies at the University of Johannesburg

David Tawil - Founder of ProChain Capital | BRICS Summit, Saudi Arabia Joins BRICS, and Cryptocurrencies Benefit from BRICS
Steve Gill - Attorney and CEO of Gill Media | FBI is too Corrupt, Partisan Prosecutors Against Donald Trump, and Jack Smith Didn't Charge Trump with Insurrection.

In the first hour, Rachel spoke with Mark Sleboda about the international support for the Wagner Group, Mitt Romney's lies about Ukrainian military success, and NATO ammunition stockpiles are now empty. Mark spoke about the plane crash that killed Yevgeny Prigozhin and theories of Prigozhin faking his death. Mark explained what the future will hold for the Wagner Group and Senator Mitt Romney celebrated American tax dollars spent on Ukraine.
Rachel spoke with Koffi Kouakou about the situation in Niger, President Macron, and France's interests in Niger. Koffi commented on President Macron's arrogance towards the situation in Niger and the interests France has in Niger.
In the second hour, Rachel spoke with David Tawil about inflation, Argentina in trouble, and the BRICS summit. David explained the importance of the BRICS summit and the BRICS alliance among OPEC nations. David spoke on the world reaching peak oil and the BRICS summit becoming an alternative to the US dollar.

Rachel spoke with Steve Gill about the Donald Trump indictments, Fani Willis RICO case against Donald Trump, and the Director of Black Voices for Trump denied bail. Steve commented on the Donald Trump mugshot and the Democrats finally obtaining a Donald Trump mugshot. Steve talked about the corruption among the FBI and how the FBI has little to no credibility left.
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