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Black Sea Grain Deal, Saudi-Israeli Talks, Big Pharma Medicare Lawsuits

Black Sea Grain Deal, Saudi-Israeli Talks, Big Pharma Medicare Lawsuits
Everything becomes a crisis - and a money making opportunity - on social media, and Germany can’t abide UK prison conditions.
International affairs and security analyst Mark Sleboda joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss the most recent negotiations over the Black Sea grain deal, Western reports about North Korea and Russia discussing weapons sales, whether US allegations of smuggling will trigger international backlash, cluster munitions casualties in Ukraine surpassing those in Syria, and what to make of the latest cabinet reshuffle in Kiev.
Human rights activist and author Miko Peled discusses how talks between Israel and Saudi Arabia have been received by the Palestinian Authority, whether any current body represents the interests of ordinary Palestinians, whether pressure from Qatar could help the Palestinian cause, the appointment of former U.S. Treasurer Jack Lew as U.S. ambassador to Israel, reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has banned his ministers from visiting Washington, and Netanyahu’s attempts to deport members of the Eritrean community in Israel.
Editor of The Polemicist Jim Kavanagh discusses former President Donald Trump’s rising poll numbers amid legal troubles, how much of the Democrats’ legal strategy to win in 2024 relies on the conviction of Trump, the puzzling strategy of Trump burning bridges with his codefendants, Black and Latino support for Biden eroding, whether Senate Republicans will pressure Mitch McConnell out of leadership over health concerns, and the likelihood of a new government shutdown.
Longtime nurses organizer Michael Lighty discusses lawsuits filed by drug companies against new laws allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, the absurd arguments these pharmaceutical corporations are making, the difference between the government’s negotiating power and Washington’s existing march-in authority, and the state of funding for Medicare.
The Misfits also discuss the One Chip Challenge, President Joe Biden’s dodgy job claims and crimes against grammar.
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