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Enrique Tarrio Sentenced, Blinken in Ukraine, Google Antitrust Case

Enrique Tarrio Sentenced, Blinken in Ukraine, Google Antitrust Case
The Biden administration complains about public calls for the president to visit East Palestine, and the US secretary of state visits Kiev.
Writer and professor of East Asian and global history Dr. Kenneth Hammond joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to separate fact from fiction with regard to the latest reporting on China’s economy, hostile comments made by US officials towards Beijing, tit for tat restrictions between China and the US over each others’ technology, how Southeast Asian nations will be able to resist choosing sides in a new Cold War, and how North Korea exposes the absurdity of US sanctions.
Technologist and cohost of the CovertAction Magazine Podcast Chris Garaffa discusses an international polling group carrying out intelligence gathering for the US government, Meta updating their policy on allowing cartels and terrorists to have access to Facebook and Instagram, and the various antitrust lawsuits against Google.
Journalist and writer Daniel Lazare discusses the sentencing of Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, how Wisconsin is developing as becoming a battleground state in presidential elections, a possible plea deal in fraud felony charges for Congressman George Santos, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy admitting he will allow a vote to move forward on impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden, worsening poll numbers for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and a new report on climate change and disease.
Immigration attorney and writer for The Asylumist Jason Dzubow discusses the divide between the New York City mayor's office and the Biden administration over immigration, New York’s migration grievances and what the state is asking for from the federal government, what the White House could me doing in the short term to help US cities absorb asylum seekers, how to put recent arrival numbers in context, what power the White House actually has to change asylum procedures, and what would change regarding immigration with a Republican administration if Democrats lose the White House next year.
The Misfits also discuss the favorite songs of 2024 candidates and Joe Biden’s most recent senior moment.
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