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Electric Vehicles, Instability in Ethiopia, Cop City RICO Charges

Electric Vehicles, Instability in Ethiopia, Cop City RICO Charges
Littoral Combat Ships are the Navy’s quiet boondoggle, and the US is running out of another drug.
Former Colorado County Commissioner and writer Arn Menconi joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss how the implementation and transition to electric vehicles would be enacted, how lithium supply will affect the transition to EVs, concerns about child labor in mining supply chains, the decision by the Justice Department to indict Hunter Biden, the attempt to keep former President Donald Trump off the ballot in Colorado, and the state of freedom of speech in the United States.
Co-Founder of the Ethiopian American Development Council Nebiyu Asfaw discusses the current crisis in Ethiopia, why Amhara militias and the Ethiopian government are facing off in the Amhara region, how stable Ethiopia is right now, accusations that the Ethiopian government is blocking investigations into human rights abuses, and how the selective focus applied to the conflict in Ethiopia is used to create heroes and villains.
Labor attorney, human rights activist and author Daniel Kovalik discusses US Secretary of State Tony Blinken’s trip to Ukraine and the announcement of a huge new aid package for that country, the New York Times’ embrace of cluster munitions, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s proposal to take over corruption investigations, health insurance costs and medical debt in the United States, racketeering charges filed against activists in Georgia, Donald Trump’s decision not to financially support his co-defendants, whether Trump will testify on his own behalf, and the impact of a possible strike by autoworkers.
Producer Ben Zinevich and International Director of El Ciudadano Denis Rogatyuk discuss the coming 50th anniversary of the US-backed coup against Salvador Allende in Chile, the ongoing search for the remains of those disappeared under the regime of Augusto Pinochet, how President Gabriel Boric is hoping the public will link his administration with Allende’s, and how culture offers resistance to the forces that upheld the military junta in Chile.
The Misfits also discuss another memory lapse by Senator Dianne Feinstein, Vice President Kamala Harris’ readiness to take over as president, and Mexico’s decriminalization of abortion.
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