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Matt Gaetz Doesn't Support Speaker McCarthy, Child Poverty Jumps, and US/Iran Prisoner Swap

Matt Gaetz Doesn't Support Speaker McCarthy, Child Poverty Jumps, and U.S./Iran Prisoner Swap
On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Rachel Blevins discussed current events including alien corpses were presented in the Mexican Congress, and Kim Jong Un states he "will always support Russia"
Scottie Nell Hughes - Journalist, Former RT News Anchor, and Political Commentator | The media is forced to talk about the Biden family corruption, Americans support term limits, and Donald Trump's popularity continues to grow
KJ Noh - Author, Journalist and Geopolitical Analyst | Geo strategic balancing among North Korea & Russia, Putin meets with N Korea Leader Kim Jong Un, and North Korea shows support for Russia's defense of its sovereignty

Todd "Bubba" Horwitz - Chief Market Strategist, BubbaTrading.com | Homeowners are afraid to sell their homes, The FED has systematically destroyed the economy, and child poverty doubled under the Biden administration
Laith Marouf - Broadcaster, and journalist based in Beirut, Lebanon | US/Iran prisoner swap, the relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia
In the first hour, Rachel spoke with Scottie Nell Hughes about the Americans in support of term limits, the Biden administration sends letters to the media, and the GOP begins the impeachment inquiry. Scottie talked about the lateness of the Biden impeachment inquiry and how the media is used to manipulate the narrative. Scottie criticized the GOP fundraising off the news of a Biden impeachment inquiry and the taxpayer money used to investigate corruption.

Rachel spoke with KJ Noh about the way Donald Trump treated the North Korean, Kim Jong Un meets with President Putin, and North Korea has historical ties with Russia. KJ commented on the way Donald Trump treated North Korea as a rational country and the approach towards North Korea by the Biden administration.

In the second hour, Rachel spoke with Todd "Bubba" Horwitz, talked about gas prices in America, the oil reserves are at the lowest level since 1975, and lies about the amount of jobs created by the Biden administration. Bubba spoke about the way the Fed has systematically ruined the economy and homeowners afraid to sell their homes. Bubba spoke about the unemployment rate and child poverty doubling under the Biden administration.

Rachel spoke with Laith Marouf about the prisoner swap between Iran and the US, five billion dollars of Iranian assets unfrozen, and Iran sees the benefits of the joining BRICS alliance. Laith talked about the agreed prisoner swap between the US and Iran, as well the six billion dollars in oil funds unfrozen by America. Laith explained the recent agreement signed by the US and Bahrain and how this deal affects US relations with Iran.
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